I am all about ease and getting through my daily routine as
quickly as possible so a palette that makes my makeup routine quicker- I am all for. So when I found a dupe of the infamous Too Faced Chocolate Palette for £6, I had to have it! Come through Primark with the budget-friendly options!

Primark has always been a place where I’ve found incredibly
bargains which are student budget friendly. When the student loan hit, I was straight off to Primark to do some clothes shopping but I was also on the hunt for some of their new Chocolate makeup range.

I had seen it all over YouTube and decided at £6, it was a bargain I had to try. I have to admit, I am loving having a palette that smells of chocolate, it literally smells delicious.

An eye and cheek palette, it contains eight eye shadow pans
and two for contouring. I really like the soft, natural and rosy colours of the
shadows. Perfect for my everyday nude eye looks and whenever I apply it you can smell the chocolate from the moment you apply it and for quite awhile afterwards. They are quite pigmented and have great staying power especially now I’ve started using eye shadow primer. (You see guys I’m learning new things everyday!)

My only real gripe with this palette are the contour shades.
I am very pale and even on me these shades are not for contouring!! The ‘icing’ shade makes a good shimmery highlight and I can just about get away with the ‘dusted’ as a dark contour shade.

Be reminded that I am so pale that I struggle to find foundations pale enough for my skin tone!  But if you want to use it to get a subtle
peachy glow to your skin, it’s for you. I know not everyone likes mirrors in
palettes and for me I’m still undecided. The obvious benefits of having one
make it easier for travelling and space for an eye shadow brush would have been
a cool idea for this palette but for the money you really can’t argue with what’s
in it. Yes there are far fewer shades than the Too Faced palette that it seems
to be mimicking, but at this price, I really like it for what it is.

I’ve been using this palette every day for around two weeks
now and I’m still not bored of it. The chocolate smell and heart shaped pans
make it a much cuter palette for my everyday look. I’ve been using the ‘Dream’ eye shadow as a blusher when in a rush and it gives that sweet pink blush look to the skin and I love it! I’m able to use this palette as pretty
much a whole face look which makes it perfect for travelling! Long and slim it’s
easy to throw into a bag and I’ve been putting it in my gym bag for doing my
makeup after being to the gym.

For the price, I am actually quite impressed with this
palette and just wish that the white chocolate highlighter hadn’t been out of
stock when I went shopping.

Have you tried any of the Primark Chocolate Collection?