My Favourite Skin Care Products!

E45 Sudocrem Clinique Garnier

 Living with dry skin is the bane of my existence. It can make me incredibly self-conscious but I have found so many amazing products that are helping me have great skin!

So I thought I would share my favourite products here on the blog! Enjoy!

Cleansing Products

When it comes to cleaning dry and sensitive skin it can be so hard to find something that works. I also try to buy as many cruelty free, vegan or completely natural skin care products as I can.

Superdrug Tea Tree Cleansing

Ever since my teens I have loved the smell of tea tree products and how they seem to work so well for my skin. I feel refreshed when I use these and the fact they are cruelty free and vegan friendly makes me happy to repurchase them again and again.

Garnier Micellar Water

This Garnier Micellar Water is such a gentle way to cleanse my skin and the small travel bottles stay in my bag for on-the-go. I tend to use the tea tree wipes allover my face then the micellar water around my eyes and any patches of eczema.

Bathing and Showering

E45 Emollient Bath Oil

I’ve been using this E45 Emollient Bath Oil for years. Both my uncle and I stand by this bath oil. It coats the skin and soothes the itching. I like to have a bath before bed and this soothes my dry skin and keeps my skin soft.

If I can’t get ahold of this oil, I will use Sanex. Sanex make a brilliant range of products for sensitive and dry skin and I prefer to use Sanex shower gel when I’m in my flat. 


The most important part of my battle against dry skin- is keeping my skin moisturised. I’ve been on such a mission in the past couple of years to look after my skin. I’ve even have creams prescribed by the doctor. My recommendation is try as much as you can from the shops before you go to the doctor- some dry skin issues can only be fixed with steroid creams and doctors help and I am so pleased I finally went to mine and got some help. I now know that I suffer with Cold Urticaria as well as my eczema and have a slightly better understanding of how to battle both.

My favourite high-end moisturisers

Clinique Moisture Surge

I have mentioned this Clinique range SO many times online, simply because it is the best thing I’ve ever bought. Last year, I was struggling so bad to find something that was working and everywhere I looked online people were raving about the Moisture Surge range. This overnight moisturiser is perfect for applying just before bed or any other long period of time where you won’t be moisturising. I apply it before my flights and my skin doesn’t feel dry or sore afterwards.

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense

My favourite facial moisturiser. Even though it is the most expensive one I own, I would not hesitate to repurchase it.

I don’t need to use it sparingly. I take the lid off and whatever small amount is on the lid is always enough for my face. You can feel the smooth gel like creme sinking into your skin, and it doesn’t feel heavy. For me, it was worth pushing the boat out a bit on my student budget to get the Clinique range as almost a year later I still have them all.

My Favourite budget moisturisers

We do our weekly food shop at Aldi. It’s such good value for money and every now and again we find real bargains on items that aren’t part of the food shop. Both my uncle and I have dry skin conditions so we decided to try these Lacura moisturisers.

Lacura Spray On Moisturiser

This Lacura Spray On Moisturiser is a new revelation for me. A spray moisturiser with a lockable lid is perfect for on the go. I keep it in my bag and when I nip to the loo during the day I make sure to take the moment of privacy to spray my arms and legs and any dry areas so that I stay topped up during the day. It sprays on lightly and rubs in easily and quickly and doesn’t leave  The lockable lid is perfect as it means I don’t have to worry about finding moisturiser allover my bag! At £1.99 this is a real bargain and also comes in an aloe vera scent.

Foot Cream

When I left my usual moisturisers in Newcastle, I did panic as my skin was not having a great time adjusting after travelling. My parents had been using this ‘foot cream’ as a moisturiser. I was a bit unsure but for £1.99 it’s a bargain. Smooth and non-greasy it’s been a great substitute for my usual products. My uncle has psoriasis and it even works for him!


Aveeno is such fabulous stuff. The fragrance free daily moisturiser with oatmeal is a huge favourite in our house. It soothes the skin and calms it without that horrible searing pain you can get from applying moisturiser to dry skin. 

The All-Rounder


Sudocrem is my super hero product. The All-rounder. The product that fixes so many things. It helps with my eczema as well as any spots, rashes, itches, sunburn or even the dreaded chub rub. 

I will forever hold Sudocrem as my favourite skin care product of all time.

What’s your favourite skincare product? Have any of these products worked for you?

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