1YRWL PLAN: Month 1 Update!

I am currently on a 32 day streak on Myfitnesspal. Finally getting going again after a disastrous couple of days with no wifi or 4g, losing my 180 day streak. sob.

Month one has been a bit of a mess. Let’s be honest, how much exercise could I do commuting for three weeks and in an office? Not much!

However, my weight has stayed the same which is a real blessing in disguise. I might be upset, but at least I haven’t gained weight!


Month 1 has been getting the ball rolling on my plan- sort of an admin month really.

I’ve been sorting out all the necessary things I’d need to sort for the upcoming month and anything that may be of use to my blogging it as well.

So this month I have:

  • Organised transferring gym to the uni one so I will actually go. It’s right on campus next door to my lectures!
  • Spare cycling kit has been ordered and any necessary maintenance for my bike is being done on a regular basis.
  • Working out my budget when it comes to my food shop. I always overspend on food or buy lots of rubbish so I’ve been working out my budget better so that I know how much a healthy shop should cost once student loan arrives! going to prove that I can be healthy on a low budget!
  • I’ve been to the doctors and got help for my urticaria. I have also put into motion getting a PPC so I can order my prescriptions easier and quicker and cheaper! I DON’T WANT MY HEALTH GETTING IN THE WAY OF MY GOAL!
  • Taken a ‘slow but steady’ approach to my weightloss. Small steps are better than none. So I’ve been forcing myself out on my bike once I returned, at home I got off the bus a stop or so early to walk back. I’m trying to make more mindful choices of what I eat and taking notice of when I’m not feeling great and trying to find other ways of making myself feel better. 

So September, the month where I can finally start to do some good!

Tomorrow I’m signing up to Northumbria’s gym Sports Central, and that’ where I will be working out from now on. Until I get the all clear from the doctor I won’t be swimming though. 

My Goals for the next month:

Gym 3x a week

Cycling 2x a week

Stick to my 1290 calorie count everyday

Aim for 750 cals exercise a day

Wish me luck- and if you’re interested, you can follow a more up to date version of what i’m doing over on my fitness instagram.


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