June Favourites

My first ever Favourites post! 

June has been my first full month off from uni so I’ve been able to spend a bit more time on getting ready and blogging, photographing and just being a bit more creative. I’ve taken the time to do a bit more shopping as well and here are my favourite things from the past month!

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara

Originally I wasn’t too pleased with this mascara. To me it smelled a bit funny and I kept getting little bits of it in my eyes. However, after sticking with it for a month rather than my ‘falsies’ mascara, I have to admit i’ve warmed to it. The packaging is just gorgeous!

Lush Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion

I adore pretty much anything from Lush. The only store that doesn’t seem to irritate my skin and it also does a lot of good work for charity and good causes. I always buy their charity pot when I go in and when I saw they’ve been doing ones for different causes- so you can pick what cause you want to donate to, I had to have it! I’m very anti-hunt and adore red foxes so when I saw this one donating towards preventing the repeal of the hunting act I had to get it.

Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Varnish in ‘Nymph’

My absolutely favourite colour nail varnish right now. It’s glossy and gorgeous and is mentioned here in detail too. 

Rimmel BB cream in ‘Light’

My new favourite thing at the moment out of all these in this post! It’s slightly warmer weather up here in Newcastle ( thank goodness, we rarely get to see the sun!) and because of that I’m struggling with wearing foundation everyday, even the lighter ones. But for the past few weeks and probably the rest of summer I will be sticking to this! It smells so nice, matches my skin tone well. It’s got a lovely glow to it that stops me looking so pale. My pale dry skin is very happy!

Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer 

Another summer product for me. I rarely get the chance to wear bronzer because I’m so pale, that is until I found out the Body Shop had one for pale skin. It just gives me a slight glow! 

It’s a good quality powder that was the start of getting me into contouring and it doesn’t leave my fair skin looking like it’s got horrible muddy or orange patches! Once it goes, I’m definitely repurchasing!

What are your favourite products from June?

S x