7 things that have made me happy this week!

This week has been really relaxing and fun and I feel refreshed about getting back into blogging so I decided to create a happy weekly list!

1. Getting Pokemon Go- Everyone is loving this app! We’ve been having so much fun chasing them down, I can’t wait until I can properly battle.

2. Working at Graduation- It was so nice to work during the graduation ceremonies at my uni. I worked for the photography company. A fairly easy job but busy! Everyone was dressed really well and it was such a happy atmosphere!

3.  I changed my blog theme back! I loved my blog theme but it felt so polished; I felt I couldn’t keep up to the standard it warranted. It was a cheaper version of the one prolific bloggers use and I think I’m going to keep it for when I need a change back!

4. I finally got a few small tech bits I’ve been after! I use my phone a lot for filming and photography especially when it comes to my degree work, so I am so glad I finally have a small portable tripod and powerpack for it! (Also perfect for charging for Pokemon Go 😛 )

5. A great saturday with friends– A day in town shopping and being good with my budget, chasing Pokemon around town and a movie night in with a Dominos and cards against humanity.

6. This week’s Michalak vlog- I fell in love with their vlogs when a friend recommended them. Such a cute family and this week’s vlog was just as wonderful as usual.

7. FINALLY sorting my skin out- My doctor prescribed me new cream for my dry skin and I finally feel like I’m starting to conquer this problem! I’ve had such up and down skin health this year, causing me to have real trouble getting out and about, but I am so pleased that the doctors are helping!

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S x