Lancome has definitely become my favourite high-end brand and I was so pleased when this appeared in my post box! I had seen this new range allover the big blogs and so I sent off to try it myself!

I was really excited to get these in the post as I have seriously fallen for Lancome over the past few months. 

I’m still using many of the small testers I was given at the Lancome Juicy Shakers Launch event and wanted to try as many Lancome products as I can!

The box arrived in my postbox and in it were the Liquid Moisturiser and the Melt-in Night Mask in sample sizes.

I really love the fact that these samples come in a small box, easy to fit through a letterbox so no fear of it going missing! The cardboard box is recyclable which made me happy once I was finished with it.

The right hand page has a perforated age so you can rip it out and keep just it for information.

I have dry combination skin that can become excessively dry when my eczema is bad and I have found that trying new moisturisers is really helping me with it. In particular, this mini sample is perfect size to keep in my pencil case for when I’m in uni. I keep my pencil case in my bag all the time so it’s always to hand.

The liquid moisturiser is a cool, light liquid that feels refreshing and calming- even to my dry skin!

This little bottle has lasted a long while as well, a good 2-3 weeks of daily application of a small amount to my face.

To keep on top of my dry skin I have actively been using the Sleeping Mask as well. A slightly thicker consistency that feels quite luxurious to the skin and only needs to be used a couple times a week to feel the benefits.

I am becoming such a fan of this brand, my only problem is my student budget! But for now, I will enjoy using all these freebies until I can get a few things on my Lancome wishlist!

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S x