Edinburgh through my Iphone 7

Edinburgh was so much fun! I can’t believe it went so quickly and I’m back at home now getting ready for my first week of the new semester. Even though it was absolutely freezing and it even snowed, I had so much fun seeing this beautiful city again! …

We headed up to Edinburgh on Tuesday and checked into where we were staying. A lovely little hotel called 28 York Place. Only the street over from the train station and smack bang in the middle of the city centre it worked out at a very friendly £40 a night for the pair of us!

The bed was so cosy and the room had a dehumidifier, which was perfect for little old asthmatic me!
The bath was glorious and a welcome respite from the Edinburgh cold at the end of the day. It made such a change from always having showers in halls. All in all, I couldn’t complain about the room or the hotel itself, it was pretty good and we will definitely be going back.

Edinburgh was BALTIC. It even snowed which made for some great photos and a lovely feeling when you finally got in out the cold. It also made a great excuse to just stop into every pub we could  (The Booking Office became a firm favourite over the course of the three days.)

It got so cold that on the second day, just before we headed up to the Zoo I made the decision to head to Primark. I have a huge fluffy parka which keeps me warm but is a nightmare for walking around in as I get too warm and huffy in it. So, I got myself a new jacket with a fluffy hood. It is so warm! I also found something pretty life changing for me in Primark…. velvet fleece lined leggings! They are SO cosy and warm. I suffer bad from eczema and in turn urticaria from the cold so these babies were such a find. I’m definitely buying a couple more pairs as they are going to be pretty much an everyday necessity in Newcastle. Under my skinny jeans, my legs were toasty! 

I also managed to pack the one pair of trainers with no grip at all and with all the ice, snow and rain, I was slipping everywhere! So I got another pair of trainers from Primark and they have served me well so far. 

On day two we headed up to the Zoo. Despite the freezing weather some of the animals were outside and it gave us a good chance to practice with our new cameras! I bought an Instax Mini 8 on this trip and I had my new Iphone 7 camera I wanted to test out and Rob had his new Canon 750D with him.

Walking around the Zoo and then the city afterwards knackered me! We only walked around 6 miles but I felt it in my legs the next day- a really good workout living there! As it’s only an hour and a half on the train, we will definitely be popping back up for more photos!

After the Zoo we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe.  A firm family favourite, I was keen to visit the one in Edinburgh. A place filled with good music and amazing food (these chips were so nice!). I polished off a rack of BBQ ribs (my ultimate cheat meal after all the walking we did.)

We headed up to the castle on the first night to get some night time photos. Blustery and cold but the spotlights lit it up beautifully and it was nice and quiet without all the bustling tourists so we got plenty of good photos.

On the final day, we headed back up to the castle and the royal mile for a final walk around. I got a good couple of Instax pictures from up there and even got Rob in a selfie ha!

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I’m not a religious person but when I saw on TripAdvisor said that we had to see St. Giles Cathedral, we headed there. It is such a beautiful building on the inside. Quiet, haunting almost and made for some beautiful photos. ( Although you do have to pay a £2 donation for a photography pass to take photos). 

I also finally own an Instax Mini 8! I have been wanting one for years! I got one for the Zoo but didn’t realise it always fires the flash, so I chose not to use it whilst I was there. I’ve started a scrapbook and am going to get some photos from the trip printed for it.

I had so much fun on this trip away and can’t wait to get back to Edinburgh sometime soon! 

Have you ever been to Edinburgh? Got any recommendations of places to visit for next time?

Shannon x