L’oreal Intense Ombre Preference Review

I have been obsessed with the idea of dyeing my hair ombre for such a long time now. But with having dark hair and fearing horrible brassy hair again, I put it off time and again. But with 2017 starting and a lot of changes happening for me, I decided to be brave…

When the Loreal preference range appeared on the market I was so eager to give it a go. Loreal hair dyes are my go-to, I always get soft hair when I’ve finished and the colours always come out exactly as on the box for me. I frequently use their ‘Brasilia Dark Brown’ and I love it!

 As i’m a student, I didn’t really want to be spending a fortune at the hairdressers getting my dark brown hair bleached, toned and ombre’d professionally- something I knew my wallet couldn’t afford.

But because I do have naturally light brown hair and dark brown dyed hair, I kept putting off going ombre at home as I didn’t want to end up brassy! 

*flashbacks to horrible times I tried to go blonde!* 

Then when I was at home over Christmas, I noticed the ‘intense ombre’ preference! An ombre kit designed for darker hair and that will give a more intense effect.

 I was so excited, I knew I wasn’t going to get the same result on the box as the lower half of my hair was dark brown but I thought maybe it could work?

And it did! Even though it could be argued my hair is now brassy ginger anyway, there are definitely blonde highlights to it. I’m really happy with the result given I did this at home!

I found the instructions really easy to use and the development time was less than I thought it would be.  The smell wasn’t particularly overpowering as I’ve found in the past with some dyes or bleaches and it was all over and done within an hour. I honestly can’t fault this kit, the price was great for my student budget as are the results. I’m just hoping to figure out a way to turn the ombre strands more blonde in the future!

Dyeing your hair can have such an impact on the way you look and feel and for me that has certaintly been true. My family complimented it and said it suited me better than they thought it would and it’s even made me more confident which I am happy about! I’m now curling my hair more regularly as I love the look of the ombre curls. 

 I’m so pleased I now have the hair i’ve been wanting for awhile!

Have you gone ombre, how did you find it? Are there are any ombre shades you’d recommend? 

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