#throwbackthursday: Rosalie

Another dose of cute on another throwback thursday post! 

This was my second hamster- Rosalie, or Rosie for short.

I got her whilst I still had Demetri, I bought her completely on a whim. I went to Pets at Home to buy some toys for Demetri and saw her as a baby playing with another hamster. A little boy picked the other one for his birthday present and she was left in there on her own. I went up to her and she ran to the glass and followed my finger about, so i asked to see her. She came right up to my hand and let me stroke her- i knew i wasn’t going home without her. It turned out people hadn’t wanted to adopt her because of her red eyes ( a common problem in hamsters, it just makes them look a little freaky but means she doesn’t have as good eyesight!) I loved the fact her ears were so huge!

I got her home and she immediately started climbing around the cage, hanging upside down and everything. I had her for over a year, I moved her into my new flat but my landlord found out about her and I had to give her away. 🙁 But, she went to a new owner who adored her as much as I did, and I kept getting update emails about her for awhile!

Did you ever have a pet hammy or any other cute pet stories? I feel the blog needs some cuteness! 

S x