#2016bestnine and my favourite moments of 2016

After seeing everyone sharing their top 9 from Instagram, I had a little nosey to see what mine were!
It got me thinking about the favourite photos I’ve taken this year and so I thought i’d write a post sharing my favourite moments and photos throughout 2016…

I’ve always loved photography and if I hadn’t have purchased my Canon 700D this year, I don’t think i’d have had half the opportunities come my way without it. I wouldn’t have gone to blogger events and made some really great local and online friends and I definitely wouldn’t have my sports media internship. I also wouldn’t have captured some pretty awesome moments this year.

One of my goals for 2017 is to take more photos and PRINT THEM. I never print my photos out and this year I really want to start making a photo album.

Holding a Harris Hawk

Meeting and walking my two favorite labs! I got them to stand still for this. One of my favourites!
Photo of Bernhard Eisel from the Tour de Yorkshire. One of my favourite days of the year! 

my face here says it all. I truly didn’t think I was going to pass! 
A heavily edited photo of the Quayside but I love it. 

4.30am sunrise photo of the Quayside. Definitely in my top 3!

Tynemouth Priory in the glorious sunshine over the summer. 

A gosling in the park. I love the softness of this shot.

One of my favourite horse photos ive ever taken.

I’m really shy and hate having my photo taken but for some reason I like this. I’m hoping to get more confident for 2017

Possibly one of my favourites! I love this photo of Lizzie Armitstead from the Tour de Yorkshire

I kind of had to have a photo for proof! I took this the first time I sat at my desk 

From my time presenting during freshers week. I’m loving being part of the NSU:Media team and I can’t wait to see what happens this semester. 

Covering the Clash + My Sports Media Internship

Being accepted for this internship back in May was such a brilliant thing for me. Come September I started as a sports media intern, my job to write match reports for all the national league sports matches at Northumbria as well as the weekly BUCS sports. Whilst keeping records of the matches for typing up later, I use them as anopportunity to practice my sports photography- something I’m keen in. This particularly Wednesday was insanely good fun- my first day on the job! I interviewed Olympian Alex Danson of Team GB hockey and watched her train our hockey team before heading off to watch Northumbria V Newcastle in the Clash (our big varsity rugby tournament). 

I met the friendliest pro photographer who let me borrow his beautiful 70-200m lens and I got a real taste of what it would be like to do as a job. It was beyond fun being on the pitchside taking photos of the crowd and of the matches. I’ve made friends through this internship and I’m so grateful for the opportunity, so next semester I need to up my game with my writing and focus on creating a portfolio of work.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year when it comes! i can’t wait to see what photos I get next year!

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