How to get soft skin in winter with Cetraben*

The ‘Beast from the East’ has been rampaging around the UK just as I thought I was getting over my dry wintery skin. Luckily he’s leaving and I’ve found an amazing range from Cetraben that is working wonders…

*This post contains items that were kindly sent to me for review by Cetraben, all opinions are my own

I’ve blogged a few times about my struggles with my dry skin. I’m always looking for products that will work and will help. I struggle to find moisturisers that aren’t overly greasy or take so long to apply! 

Cetraben 2-in-1 Cleansing Cream 

This fixes the problem I have with applying moisturiser: having no patience! The Daily Cleansing Cream has a thicker formula and can be used both in the shower and as a daily moisturiser. I use it in the shower and by applying it in the shower, I have soft skin all day and I don’t have to worry about falling around the bathroom taking ages rubbing moisturiser everywhere when I’m running out the door! I’ve used it a couple of times as a moisturiser but it’s thicker formula takes awhile to rub in everywhere. If you’re someone who travels frequently, the 2-in-1 aspect of this product makes it a perfect thing to pack to save space! 

Cetraben Cream

My Cetraben Cream is my go-to everyday product out of all three. This goes where I go. If I’m sat at my desk it sits beside me in case I need to apply it and it gets thrown into my uni backpack when I’m out during the day. I am loving this so much I am now using it as my face moisturiser during this wintery weather. I’ve got some pretty bad dry skin around my nose- and this has made it completely go away! So for me, that’s a solid win right there with this product and the reason I take it everywhere!

Cetraben Lotion

The Cetraben lotion lives in my gym bag. This small travel-size bottle is great for just throwing in my gym bag and using after I’ve had my post-gym shower. The gym is air-conditioned and if I’m in air-conditioning for too long my skin gets SO itchy.By being able to top up my skin moisture after I’ve worked out, I’ve noticed that my eczema is pretty much gone!

Have you tried Cetraben? How do you deal with winter skin? 

Thanks for reading!

Shay x