Valentines Part 1: The Laing

The Laing is an art gallery in the centre of Newcastle and it was our first stop for Valentines day!

We saw that there was a new exhibit about Da Vinci’s drawings. Ten drawings from the Royal Collection have come up from London, drawings that span his entire career.

The exhibit did allow photography but there wasn’t very good lighting so I instead spent the time looking rather than just photographing.

It was quite incredible to stand next to these drawings that are hundreds of years old, drawn by such an amazing and interesting man.

The Da Vinci exhibit was a perfect fit for the both of us as his work spanned the arts as well as engineering. I got to stare at his intricate sketches of horses and cats whilst Andrew got to enjoy his engineering sketches.

It cost us only £5 to go around the exhibit and then we decided to explore the rest of the Laing too.

The watercolour gallery was another firm favourite. Paintings of Newcastle throughout history and much to Andrew’s delight- plenty of boats!

Downstairs we found this touchy-feely exhibit of fossils!

We popped through the cafe to the other exhibits, past this absolutely beautiful stain glassed window and round to another exhibit of Newcastle’s history.

This wooden sculpture blew my mind. I had to stop and stare at it for quite a few minutes. It was just so beautiful!

The Laing was our first adventure into our ‘dating Jar’. For Valentines, I made a little jar filled with lots of date ideas for us to try. Perfect for us to have stuff to plan for and to make a boring week at uni a little more interesting.

After this we nipped into a pub because of the hailing weather before heading to Mog on the Tyne! More of that in  part 2!

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