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In October, I headed down to London for the Three Discovery Store event. Since that was in the afternoon and I got to London in the early morning, I had quite a few hours to kill. I hadn’t been in London for ages so decided to go for a bit of an explore with my camera.

What I did find through twitter, was that FeelUnique had a pop-up shop!

feel unique season to shine london

Back in October I headed down to London for a flying visit for a couple of blogger events and had the morning free. So, in order to get to see more of London I decided to head out on the Tube to explore with my camera. Whilst on twitter I found that FeelUnique were launching their pop up shop a few stops away, so I decided to drop by! The Season to Shine pop up was pretty cool, a whole shop filled with Feel Unique’s product range available to buy!

I walked in and was greeted by members of staff who showed me around and got me involved in their goodie bag instagram hunt. I got my little goodie bag of samples as well as sweets and marshmallows! The front of the shop was filled with a whole range of the Christmas products including the crackers and advent calendars.

feel unique pop up shop

And in the back?

Makeup artists and a nail bar!

I was introduced to the nail brand Le mini Macaron and some lovely nail technicians who chatted away to us whilst they did our nails. One thing I really like about blogging is you get to meet new people wherever you go and as this was my first time down to London for an event on my own, I was a little nervous! But as soon as I realised some London bloggers arrived to the Feel Unique Pop-up, I made sure to say hello! I met the lovely Yasmine from MsGonzalezBlogs – go check out her blog and her instagram! It was so awesome to get a bit of an insight into the life of London bloggers!

As autumn had just begun, I plumped for the very popular berry wine colour. My nails sometimes don’t take gel polish well and unfortunately this was the case again, but it did last for the few days were I was flitting between blogger events and interviews which I was pleased about!

Although the nail polish didn’t last very long on my nails and began chipping a couple of days later, I was very impressed with their little LED lamps. Made to look like little macarons, they are USB powered and designed to be used a finger at a time. This makes their shape small and portable, perfect for travelling or popping in your desk drawer at work for those after work drinks.

naked heat palette feel unique

I couldn’t leave without purchasing something so opted to buy my birthday present to myself! You guessed it, the amazing Naked Heat Palette from Urban Decay.

As a pale girl, I’ve always been a little afraid of warm toned anything in makeup for fear of that dreaded orange line around my face or looking overly blushing. So that was my reasoning for holding off on buying the Naked Heat palette when I saw it at the Urban Decay masterclass with Danielle Roberts. 

I had wanted it for months and I am so glad I have it now. Such gorgeous shades with super pigment. Despite the price being much higher than what I would normally pay for a palette, I can’t fault the quality and longevity of my Naked palettes. The Naked 3 palette is still my favourite with it’s pinky, romantic colour palette but I love the Heat palette for well, it’s fiery heat! The colours are so vivid and striking alone and super blendable, but they also look amazing wet!!

I was worried I might be stuck only using it in the summer, but the colours have worked so well in the autumn. I’ve been using it non-stop for weeks now and am still trying to find different mixes that work well for my pale skin. I was worried that it would look awful against my pale skin but it adds much needed warmth to my eyes and makes me look so much better when I’ve done my full contoured makeup routine. All in all, an absolute dream and winner of a Naked Heat palette!

review feel unique naked heat urban decay

I was even more excited when I found out that with FeelUnique you can customise your palette with a little Swarovski star! So my Naked Heat Palette is a little unique and I really like that!

What products from FeelUnique are you loving?


Shay x  

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This post contains affiliate links. These do not cost you money, but allow me to earn a small income from my blog for pointing you in the direction of a product!