On Saturday, we headed over to Gateshead to find a particular dog shelter that I’d found online that lets you sign up to walk their dogs for free!

We travelled over there and got to meet little Jax. He’s a Jack Russell mix, and he was our dog for the afternoon. This local dog shelter relies on volunteers to help out, and allows you to turn up and sign up to walk them. All you need is ID! I was so happy!

I am a massive dog fan but being a student, it’s not the time for me to have one of my own. I also live in the city so I don’t get to spend much time out walking in fields and in the countryside but this shelter is only a few miles away! We rang and they said to come on over. 

It was such a lovely, hot afternoon and it was so nice to be back out in the countryside and explore a little! I’ve signed up so I’m hoping to go back and help more during next semester as a little bit of a stress relief! I love that it’s a good thing for me- a nice relaxing walk (much needed exercise!), I get to play with a really cute dog and they get the chance to get out and enjoy nature and hopefully be adopted! I really wish I could have taken some of them home- they were all so lovely!

S x