Diary: A Walk in Blaydon Burn

blaydon burn walk westie


Now that I have more free time due to the summer holidays, it’s got me thinking that I’m not writing enough. I miss the days when a blog was about recording your life and passions and not just adverts, marketing or discussing big issues or competition. I loved reading blog posts that were just people talking about their everyday lives and in the spirit of the first blogs I ever read, I’ve decided to revive the ‘diary’ tag on my blog.

Friday 22nd June 2018- Going for a walk 

Today has been wonderful. You know one of those easy care-free days, where everything just flows right? One of those days you’re so looking forward to as you know it’s going to be an easy, quiet day for you and one you’re going to remember because it was so chilled.

Mr. Teemo was dropped off at 8am and as soon as I’d showered and breakfasted, we were straight out the door and on our way to get Rob. The weather was one of those bright  blue skies kind of days and I was so glad we had arranged earlier this week for a walk and to make the most of Robs’ later starts at work.

We headed out towards Blaydon Burn, a really lush country walk near to the house. We played hide ‘n’ seek with Teemo, taking it in turns to hide in the long grass whilst he bounded around trying to find us. It was so cute as he looked like a little rabbit standing on his hind legs trying to see Rob through the grass that was much, much taller than him. We hid from him in the trees whilst he raced up and down like a looney barking.

We walked for a good hour and a half all around the burn, and it was splendid. I love that we have different paces with Mr. Teemo, Rob has the excitement and stamina to run about with him whereas I just like to amble along behind lost in thought and taking photos of them just being daft. Now that Mr. Teemo has great recall, I feel safe letting him off in such places as he always stays close.


Summer is slowly becoming my favourite time of year. It’s definitely a strong second right now as I am an autumn baby, but I think I definitely feel my happiest in the summer. All this sunshine means more exercise, more vitamin D and more fresh air for me and that is everything to me right now. Today’s walk was everything I needed; a day exploring with Rob and Mr. Teemo, a decent walk that burned most of todays’ workout goal for me, and put me in the best mood.

I’m trying to go for a walk at least once a day now I’m working from home on my dissertation. Walking for just an hour a day in this beautiful weather is doing wonders for my mental health and I’m holding onto looking up at bright blue skies, flowers and the heat from the sun for when the winter comes. It gets so dark up here and so cold, so I’m trying to make the most of the sunshine and appreciating it whilst it lasts.

I’m so freckly right now and I love it, I’m embracing all this sunshine!

Mr. Teemo is staying over tonight for the first time and I’m so excited to have him overnight, his little bed is all laid out and his toys and I think we’re going to spend the evening watching some netflix. Have a look at my Instagram for more lovely pictures from my diary posts.



Shay x