Christmas 2021: why this Christmas has been so special to me

If you follow me online you will know how much I love the cosy, festive Christmas period. It is my favourite time of the year. Christmas 2021 came and went in the blink of an eye. It’s now that weird time of the year between Christmas and new year where I don’t have a clue what day it is! All I know is it’s nearly time for 2022 and that has got me in a thoughtful mood.

This Christmas was so different for us as it was our first with my parents living up north. Older followers may know that my parents used to live down south in Reading, and now live about three minutes walk from us. We haven’t spent christmas together since 2017, so this was an exciting change and start of new traditions.

With my parents having a new house, we got to help them decorate for Christmas. Finding new places for old decorations was such a lovely way to spend time together. Going through the Christmas boxes to find all the decorations, finding ones from when I was little and finding somewhere new to put them has been fun.

Over the lockdowns, Rob has really got into the cooking and it was so nice to watch him and my Dad organising the Christmas day cooking. Rob made us our own pigs in blankets, sausage rolls and so many other yummy things over the festive period, and i’m so grateful to have a man that can cook and enjoys it!

Albie was utterly spoiled as usual this year. I think that is one of my favourite parts of Christmas is picking out the presents for him, knowing that he’ll love tearing open the wrapping paper and run around playing with his new toys. I treated him to a cute new Barbour/Burberry style dupe coat from Aldi, a lovely navy blue. He looks like such a little country bumpkin kind of dog when he wears it and to match I got him a joke present of a flat cap from B&M, so that he and Rob could match on their walks. I’ll be honest, the gift was more to make Rob laugh and he loved it. Although Albie does look a little bit like Sherlock Holmes with it on.

As it was his first Christmas time with my parents living up north, they got to see how spoiled he is. They laughed at his christmas jumper collection as he wore them all throughout December when he popped round to theirs. On Christmas Day, he wore his lovely Santa Claus jacket.

One of my favourite things about my wee dog is he is always ready to have his photo taken and takes instructions so well. It took two snaps to get these photos!

I was utterly spoiled this year: Lush gift boxes, Bath and Body Works candles, Feather and Down sets, books from my reading list, lovely new clothes from my Mum, and a lot of products related to relaxing and being happy ( are my family and friends trying to tell me something ha!). Rob outdid himself with some cracking presents, and treated me to the DJI Osmo Pocket camera that I’ve been wanting for so long. I used to use one for work, but it belonged to the company I worked for so had to give it back when I left and I really loved it. So keep an eye out on My Youtube or Instagram and see if you can see any fancy videos I’ve filmed with it.

But, I know it sounds cliche, but I enjoy the giving of presents far more than receiving them. I got Rob some airtags (as he’s always losing his keys etc) I think I might have to get myself some now that I know how you set them up and use them. I really enjoyed being able to sit with my parents and watch them open their presents for the first time in years. We then spent boxing day with Robs side of the family, and I have to admit it was great fun to watch our toddler nephew and our preteen niece open theirs. I definitely think Christmas is more for children now, I feel a lot of adults don’t get into it as much as I would like. So, hopefully one day there will be Hinds babies to help me enjoy Christmas even more, but I really don’t think i’ll be up for doing Elf on the shelf! ha!

My Christmas tree and decorations are still up. I will be putting them all away before New years, I know some people like to wait until the 12th day of Christmas but for me, but for me I see it as last years event, so I try to take it down before the start of the new year so that I can start the new year fresh and tidy!