10 magical Harry Potter gift ideas for all ages

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Scouring the internet for Harry Potter gift ideas? I’ve got you covered! No need to feel like a muggle amongst wizards, there are fab gift ideas for all ages across the internet. Harry Potter is so much more than a book series or movie franchise and for anyone who doesn’t get that, well they’re just muggles! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and think I probably will be for the rest of my days. I remember seeing the films at the cinema for my birthday, queueing up at midnight for the books and I still am awestruck with the Harry Potter Lego sets I keep seeing everywhere.

So here are 10 Harry Potter gift ideas for wizards and witches of all ages:

The Harry Potter Le Creuset Collection

A perfect gift for those who like to make magic in the kitchen! The Le Creuset range has everything from mugs to spatulas to dishes and even a pie weight!

2. Harry Potter Hairbrush

harry potter gryffindor detangling brush

A great stocking filler for Harry Potter fans, perfect for their schoolbag, handbag or gym bag. Get this detangler hairbrush here.

3. Harry Potter floating candles string lights

Harry Potter floating candle string lights from Amazon with realistic flickering.

Make their bedroom magical with these floating candle string lights with realistic flickering! They’d be perfect for adding a touch of magic to your dining room, Harry Potter themed birthday party, Halloween decorations or above their bed. Get them here.

4. Harry Potter Pyjamas

Cosying up in a cute pair of Harry Potter pyjamas is something that all Potter fans can enjoy! Take a look at these options below.

5. Harry Potter Journal

Harry Potter stationery set with wand shaped pens, Hogwarts house stamps and a notebook that looks like the mauraders map.

Keeping a journal can be a great way to capture memories, even better with cool wand shaped pens and Harry Potter stamps. Get it here.

6. Harry Potter Hoodie

Harry Potter Hoodies, Black Hoodie for Girls and Teens, Official Merchandise

How cool is this Harry Potter hoodie. A perfect cosy gift for a teenager or child who likes Harry Potter. Get it here. Find more wonderful Harry Potter clothing gift ideas here.

7. Harry Potter Quidditch bracelet

Harry Potter Quidditch Bracelet - HP0073

This Quidditch themed bracelet would make a sweet birthday or christmas present. Get it here. There’s far more magical jewellery for all ages and budgets here.

8. Harry Potter Lego Hedwig model

Harry Potter Lego hedwig model

Who wouldn’t want their own Hedwig? Let them build their own, turn the little handle and watch her fly! Get it here. Check out other awesome Harry Potter Lego sets for all ages here.

9. Harry Potter Catch the Snitch Game

harry potter catch the snitch

A fun game for all the family, try and catch the golden snitch! Get the game here.

10. Harry Potter bedding

Snuggle up in Harry Potter themed bedding and enjoy a wonderful nights sleep.

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Do you have any Harry Potter gift ideas that you recommend? Leave them in the comments below!

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