How to fuel your fitness goals with Gatorade

This post contains a paid for advertorial for Gatorade

What are your favourite Summer memories?

For me my favourite summer memories are going on holiday with my parents to America! The warm weather, the theme parks, the food and drink we couldn’t get in England! I remember trying Gatorade Orange for the first time in America and using it to fuel my mad running around Universal Studios and driving my parents mad! Back then, you couldn’t get it in England and it would annoy me so much knowing that I couldn’t order American food and drink here in England!

Fast forward to now and summer is nearly here and I cannot wait for the warm weather. This drab rain needs to disappear NOW, it’s JUNE! We spent last summer doing up Rob’s bedroom before I moved in and any spare time cycling but since then we’ve barely done anything fitness related.

Since then I’ve lost 3 stone, whilst Rob has gained some of it. I lost most of my weight due to following a better diet and walking a bit more but I still have a long way to go. With all of our house renovations, new puppy and general lifestyle mess, both Rob and I have constantly said ‘soon’ about getting fitter.

We are from opposite ends of the fitness spectrum; Rob is used to knocking out 100 mile bike rides with barely a sweat and me lucky if I would walk to uni in the mornings. We’ve both gotten lazy and although we are nowhere near the same fitness story, we’ve committed to helping each other work on our fitness goals.

We’ve got to the point where we’ve realised it’s now or never and we’ve both decided to dedicate time to ourselves for working out. Going out on bike rides together to enjoy the most of the summer, but also giving each other time to enjoy our own type of workout! I love cycling but I do enjoy lifting weights too and really feel I need to get back to it if i’m ever going to say goodbye to these flabby arms! I am so keen to carry on with my weightloss journey and I’ve now signed up to the gym, got an apple watch and will soon have a puppy here to keep me on my toes- no doubt I will fill my steps goals!

Rob has completed 300 mile bike rides and so many other huge cycling events and his number one goal is to be able to do long rides again! Rob is getting himself back into his cycling slowly and I’m so proud of him. Finding the time to devote to it is hard around renovating the house, 12 hour shifts and having a social life. He’ll be completing the Coast to Coast cycle with friends from work in July and I can’t wait to see the photos!

So what are my fitness goals for the summer? To move every single day to the tune of at least 500 calories! If I do bike rides my calorie burns are anywhere between 1000 and 2000 calories so I am pretty sure I can stick to this! I’ve let myself lose track of my goals and it’s time to make the most of the sunshine, spend time with Rob and hopefully kick some of this weight. I want this to be the last summer that I feel embarrassed and uncomfortable with my body!

We both love sports and energy drinks and to be honest most days wouldn’t be able to function without them. When Gatorade got in touch looking for people to review their range of Sports drinks we had to say yes! We both love Gatorade so kind of a dream to get to try new flavours we hadn’t tried before! I had tried the orange Gatorade before but not the red orange! I much prefer The package arrived swiftly after only being ordered the day before (good old Amazon prime!) and inside I found a 12 bottle variety pack of drinks along with a Gatorade towel and 32oz waterbottle. Having a new water bottle and towel for my gym has been handy and our fridge is like an episode of MTV Cribs! I’ve popped the towel and water bottle in my gym bag so I always have my bag packed for working out! The Gatorade water bottle is nearly 1 litre in size and a decent width and squeezy! I’ve found it to be easier to take to the gym than my aluminium bottle. I’m trying to drink as much water as possible during the days and only having to refill my bottle once during the day works out perfectly for me!

We’re loving having a huge selection of Gatorade in the fridge for our workouts and bike rides has been great. It means no more arguing over flavours! My favourite is the red orange flavour and Robs’ is the cool blue flavour.

It’s an excellent package if you want to try all the flavours and make sure you’ve always got drinks in the fridge for working out! If you’re one of those people who likes to have branded merch, then definitely a great starter pack for you and the bottles work out at similar prices to buying them in the shops. Buying a big wholesale pack and having it delivered to your door has made it much easier for us to have our drinks in the house rather than grabbing the odd bottle at the shops. It’s also saved us a fair bit of money!

I’ll be keeping a Gatorade in the bottle holder of my bike this summer to keep me fuelled for long distance cycling!

What’s your favourite flavour of Gatorade? Do you know any other Gatorade products I should try?

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