Trespaws small dog Backpack Harness Review

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Westie dog sat by a waterfall wearing the trespaws small dog backpack harness in snooper black.
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Are you looking to buy a backpack harness for your adventures with your dog?

We have wanted to for awhile and decided to opt for the Trespaws small dog backpack harness.

Albie is an adventurous little dog who loves nothing more than being down the woods sniffing and exploring. We normally carry everything in our bags but sometimes it’s easier for Albie to carry his stuff when we’re out adventuring.

So Rob decided he needed to get him his own adventure backpack. Whilst shopping in Trespass for his own gear, he saw the Trespaws small dog backpack harness and brought it home.

What are the key features of the Trespaws dog backpack harness?

The Trespaws dog backpack harness consists of two expandable bag pockets with zips, a three point chest harness with branded webbing and is water resistant.

Although a small dog of 11 KG, the backpack harness fits Albie well. It isn’t too big or bulky on his smaller frame. The padded three point chest harness and the padding under the backpack makes it comfortable for him to wear for hours. It also has adjustable straps that clip in underneath him, giving it a snug grasp around him.

We use the two fingers rule of thumb to make sure there is enough give and movement on the backpack harness.

The bag also has a D ring at the front for attaching the lead to when you’re out walking and also has a grab handle. We have used this a couple of times to pick Albie up when we’ve had to get him over a style or some other obstacle. The pockets on the backpack harness are zipped and are large enough for Albie to carry his own poo bags, a little dog first aid kit in a pouch, his foldable water bowl and some treats.

The backpack harness also has one other amazing feature: it makes your dog look adorable! We see so many people smiling at Albie trotting along with his backpack on, and have been asked a few times where we got it from.

How does the Trespaws dog backpack harness make adventures better?

The fact the bag is water resistant makes it great for adventuring, particularly in wet England. Rob sprayed ours with water repellant spray and so far it’s done a great job at keeping the bag in good condition when Albie is splashing in streams and rivers.

The harness can also make everyday dog walking easier. I’ve used it when we’ve popped to the shops with him, so he can carry his own treats home. He has also been used as a delivery dog, delivering small items to my parents house when we’ve passed the corner shop on our walk round to theirs. The joy on someone’s face when they have items delivered by a wee white dog with a backpack on. Priceless!

Is it worth the money?

We paid £35.99 for ours and at the time of writing, that’s the price on the website. Although, they do offer student, forces and blue light card discounts. They are also available to buy in shops, Rob picked ours up in the Edinburgh shop.

We’ve been using it weekly and i’d definitely say it’s worth the money. We’ve bought other brands of harnesses that were more expensive and not as useful!

Should I buy the Trespaws dog backpack harness for my dog?

If you and your dog are the adventurous sort who love the beach, woods, camping or hiking, I really recommend the small dog backpack harness from Trespass. It’s made our walks much easier, as no need to fumble around in pockets looking for poo bags, they’re on the dog!

We’ll be using this small dog backpack harness for years to come I feel. It’s exceptional quality, sturdy and a great price. It’s been one of our favourite buys for Albie!

They also make dog backpack harnesses for larger dogs too, I’ll link them here for you.

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Did you know? Southend Dog Training (who I follow on a few different social platforms) actually suggests to try a harness bag on your dog if it’s reactive or anxious. The added pressure on their back distracts them and keeps them calmer! We’ve found this with Albie as he has in the past been a bit reactive when he’s seen other dogs walk past and wearing the harness has kept him calmer ( we are working on his excitement reactivity at the moment. Bless him he gets excited and wants to go play but obviously he can’t always do that!)