How to spoil your dog with dog toys and treats

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westie dog sitting next to a pile of dog toys and treats

Buying dog toys and treats for Albie is one of my favourite things to do. I enjoy spoiling him and giving him new experiences.

One of the worst times of year for my overspending on Albie is Christmas. It’s the little face! I can’t help but want to spoil him!

If you’re like me and enjoy spoiling the dogs in your life then I hope this post will help you find some new places to shop for accessories dog toys and treats, food and all other dog-related things!

Lickimats, Kongs and other food toys

Rocketo raw fishy comets and raw dog food being eaten by a westie

Toys and food? The perfect combination for any dog!

Lickimat is a brand I was introduced to from the raw feeding westie Facebook group that I’m in. They have different styles of mats and have now added a wobble bowl and the Lickimat Splash adhesive suction mat that can stick to surfaces. This would be a perfect gift for a dog that isn’t so keen on having a bath. Smear some of their favourite spreadable cheese, peanut butter or yoghurt onto it and it should help distract them! Albie is being gifted a wobble bowl from us this Christmas.

We used the soother lickimat with Albie as a puppy and it really helped entertain him when we were busy.

If your dog or puppy is a chewer then I really recommend a yak bar. They last ages and even when they get too small to chew, you can pop them in the microwave and turn them into a treat to pop on top of food.

Puzzle Toys

westie puppy playing with a snuffle mat for enrichment.

Keeping a dog, particularly a smart dog, entertained can be difficult! I’ve spent so much money on dog toys and treats for Albie. Then our dog trainer introduced us to “mentally fit” dog training exercises. Besides plenty of exercise and training it’s important to keep them mentally fit. We use a snuffle mat, play games of ‘find it’ with treats scattered round the house and garden and puzzle toys. Albie is receiving the Trixie and already has the Kong Wobbler. It is such a brilliant toy as it gets your dog chasing it around, sniffing and tiring out their nose and brain and they get yummy treats for their hard work! Because of its shape it rolls away from your dog and wobbles backwards and forwards, making your dog work for it!

This snufflemat from Wagg-tastic has been great! We’ve had it well over a year and it’s still in great condition. Our dog trainer told us that 20 minutes of sniffing a day is the same as 2 hours of physical exercise for their brain. Just sprinkle some treats under all the little pieces of felt and let your dog snuffle away!

Dog Toys

westie puppy standing on a pile of dog toys from Pets at Home.

I could spend a fortune on dog toys and still feel like Albie never has enough! Fluffy stuffed toys seem to get ripped to shreds very quickly, so I always try to make sure he only plays with them every now and again to make them last.

A ball thrower is quite a good toy for tiring out your dog! We got a cheap one from Wilko and it does the job perfectly down the field, but if you want one that looks extra cool then i’d consider the Nerf gun!

If your dog is quite athletic or you’re looking for something fun to do together, I really recommend basic agility kits. Albie got to do it at his puppy classes and loved it, it really helped improve his confidence and training.

Dog Treats

The Snack Pawtal natural raw diet treats for dogs sat next to a westie dog.

I have to admit I am a sucker for buying Albie far too many treats. His treat box is always full to the brim!

One of my favourite places to buy natural dog treats from is The Snack Pawtal. A local company to me, they make natural dog treats. Albie goes mad for their cod skin chips and the duck bites.

It wouldn’t be christmas without pigs in blankets! These ones from Good Boy we get from Amazon.

Why not check out Pinterest for dog treat recipes to make at home for your dog?

Whatever you buy this christmas please do not buy any treats made with rawhide. It is toxic to dogs and so bad for them!

Dog Accessories

westie puppy in a me and my pets dog travel bag

Look at that wee face! If only he was still this small and cute! This dog carrier we got from Me and My Pets and it was a perfect bargain. It zips up, has a clip to attach to their harness so they don’t fall out and if your dog is small enough you can use it for years to come. Not bad for under £15 for most of their carriers!

I found the Dyson attachment with a built in slicker brush and it’s saved on my home wishlist. Getting the hair from the source seems a pretty good idea if your dog will tolerate being near the vacuum. Luckily for us, Albie doesn’t mind it so i’m hoping to get this ASAP to save my carpets from his constant shedding! Could be a perfect gift for someone with a long-haired dog.

Albie is being treated to two new collars and accessories from Hounds of Meade, a small business that hand makes dog accessories to order.

One of my favourite places to pick up dog accessories from is The Doghoose, another local business based in Newcastle.

Hounds of Meade red tartan bow tie for dogs worn by a westie
Albie in his new Christmas collar and bow tie from Hounds of Meade

What dog toys and treats do you recommend? Let me know in the comments.