Is Rocketo raw dog food good for your dog? | Review

These items are press products gifted to us in return for a blog review. This post contains affiliate links.

Last year I discovered the raw food diet for dogs. When we got our rescue dog, he was itchy, unwell and when he went to the toilet- the smell! We joined a Facebook group, did our research, found a raw food pet shop and we went from there with trial and error. The difference it made to his health was amazing and we knew we were going to feed Albie it when we got him.

As wonderful as the raw food diet is for his health, we’ve found it difficult for going out and about with. After all, you can’t really walk around with raw meat in your bag, can you!

So I started doing some searching and came across Rocketo raw dog food. I reached out to them and thankfully they were interested in working with us. They very kindly sent us a box of Rocketo raw dog food and snacks to try.

Rocketo Raw Organic Dog Food

I love this food. It makes my mornings so much easier. There’s no more defrosting meat, weighing out raw meat with gloves on! I love knowing that I’m feeding Albie the proper diet he should be eating but I do get a bit grossed out with all the raw.

I was worried Albie would turn his nose up at new food but he wolfs it down especially when it has a fishy comet on it and some coconut oil! All I have to do is weigh out his food on a scoop, mix it with a little warm water and leave it for 15 minutes. I add a few extras on top and then pop it in his crate and Albie does the rest. It has been fantastic for us for going out and about! He has his little travel bowl, a thermos flask of warm water and we just mix it up for him on the go. It has made going travelling out for the day with Albie a lot easier!

Rocketo Raw Fishy Comets

These wild herring snacks are Albies’ favourite of the snack options. They are perfect for popping on top of his meals as an extra snack with a bit of crunch or for training. He will do ANYTHING to get them! We’ve been using them in his kong with other treats to help get him used to being left at home in his crate.

I ended up having to buy another packet of them already as he had finished them so quickly!

Rocketo Dog Snack Bar

( I gave Albie this before I took the big picture whoops- but he wolfed it down)

This vegan snack bar is made of banana bits with coconut flakes and flackseeds. And the cool bit? They’re human friendly! So keep one in your backpack as a snack that you and your dog can share. I had a little nibble and it was so sweet and crunchy- so I can see why it was gone in a few seconds!

Rocketo Keto Orbiters

Albie loves to crunch these! This mix of raw, cold-pressed flaxseed crackling with sunflower and pumpkin seeds are perfect snacks for teething dogs. Rocketo have really come up with a great snack option here. They come in large discs but you can snap them into smaller pieces to make them last longer. I also like to snap smaller bits off and sprinkle them on top of his main Rocketo food, adding a bit more texture to the food.

I am so happy with Albies’ new diet! He wolfs down every meal and I am so pleased that he loves his food. I really would recommend a raw diet to any dog owner but for ease of use, convenience and the health benefits, I’d definitely recommend Rocketo! Go try it now!

1 year update!

We thought we’d update this post to tell you more about our experience with Rocketo. Albie still eats the fishy comets about once a month as a treat and we’ve been buying the keto orbiters once or twice since the original post in 2019. We have since gone through two bags of Rocketo but have switched Albie onto a raw minced meat alternative from a local brand to us sold in our local raw pet shop. We still have Rocketo for travelling and as a backup!

Shannon and Albie x


These items are press products gifted to us in return for a blog review. This post contains affiliate links.