Zoflora: my favourites for making the house smell amazing!

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If you’re obsessed with Zoflora, we can be friends. Thanks to lockdown, I’ve reverted back to my household cleaning obsession. I remember when I first started following Mrs Hinch a couple of years ago. The flurry she caused about keeping your house clean made it actually exciting to buy cleaning products!

To be honest, I was grateful for it back in 2018 as I had just moved in with Rob and it was time to set up a cleaning routine in a new home. Lockdown put me on furlough and then eventually sadly redundancy, so having a cleaning routine has been really good for me. I now have a to-do list most days, keeping my mind occupied and knowing that I can do what I can to keep the house hygienic.

Why I like cleaning with Zoflora

Zoflora comes in so many scents that it makes cleaning just that bit of a nicer task. It’s cheap, even for the big bottles and I can use it to clean everything in the house really.

From the kitchen counters to the dog crate, everything can be wiped down and left to dry, leaving a clean scent in the air.

Zoflora has many uses and so I have many scents in my Zoflora stash. That may be a little sad ( I know it’s disinfectant not perfume). But I like to be able to make the house clean and smell of different scents depending on my mood and the time of year. I’ve found that cleaning is one of the best ways of dealing with any anxious thoughts or bad days. By taking more pride in my home, I feel better and more accomplished.

My top 3 scents at the moment…

My favourite Zoflora over the past couple of months has been the coconut and lime scent that’s exclusive to Wilko. As soon as lockdown lifted I made sure to grab a bottle during my first trip to Wilko. It comes in a large bottle which I’m glad about as it is one of my favourite scents they’ve ever released. It has my three favourite scents combined in it: coconut, vanilla and pineapple. It’s sweet, summery and adds a freshness to the house.

My most recent addition is the peony blush. I got this at the start of September, although I don’t know how long it’s been out for. This is exclusive to Home Bargains. I use this scent to clean my office as it has a light, feminine fragrance that smells of roses, peonies, jasmine and a hint of citrus. By diluting it in a spray bottle, I then wipe down my desk and surfaces. I also sometimes use it as a disinfectant room spray on the carpet.

For a long while now, I’ve been adding a few capfuls of Zoflora into my washes. Rhubarb and bergamot Zoflora is Robs’ favourite scent so I am now using this for his workwear. It also makes me feel like I’m doing that little bit extra to keep germs at bay.

What’s your favourite Zoflora scent?