How to clean a ceramic hob

ceramic hob with burnt on stains
how to clean a ceramic hob
how to remove burnt on food on oven or hob
Scorch marks and burnt on food on a ceramic hob

So you need to clean a ceramic hob. Have you let your pot boil over and it’s scorched your ceramic hob? Or maybe you’ve been a bit too zealous with your stirring and food has got burnt onto your ceramic hob? Don’t panic, these things happen and there are many cheap, easy fixes.

Here are a few of my tried and tested methods for how to clean a ceramic hob when you’ve made a mess!

*Before you start using any method to clean your hob, make sure it’s turned off and has cooled. Give the surface a spray with anti-bacterial cleaner and wipe away any loose food If it doesn’t come off easily, I would recommend steaming the surface with a steam cleaner.*

the pink stuff the miracle cleaning paste sitting on a ceramic hob that has burnt on food and water marks

Method 1: Use a hob cleaner

There are many liquid hob cleaners on the market, make sure you get one that is suitable for your type of hob. Just pour it onto your hob, rub it in with a microfibre cloth, leave to work for a few minutes then wipe it away. For really stubborn stains you may have to leave it for a little longer than a few minutes or do it again. If it’s really burnt on, it may be a good idea to use a hob scraper as well.

Method 2: Use a hob scraper to clean a ceramic hob

Let your hob cool down and use a hob scraper, like the minky hob scraper, to get the burnt parts off. Use short, light movements, don’t try and dig or scrape too hard. I have personally found that if I use a hob cleaner first then the hob scraper, the mess comes off easier as the cleaner seems to loosen it.

Method 3: The dishwasher tablet trick

Get some warm water and use a dishwasher tablet by wetting it slightly and then rubbing it over the burnt on marks. Scrub at the tough marks very lightly and then use a cloth or kitchen paper to wipe it up.

Method 4: go old school with white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda

White vinegar and bicarbonate of soda is a cleaning mixture as old as time. They are a handy couple of products to keep in your cleaning products as they can be used together to clean so many things around the house.

Pour white vinegar (or spray it on) onto the burnt marks. Be more generous on the thickly burnt on marks. Sprinkle the bicarbonate of soda on top of it until the mixture starts bubbling. Soak a tea towel (or two if it’s to cover the whole of your hob) in warm water and lay it onto the mixture for around 20-30 minutes. Remove the towel and wipe up the bubbling mixture, wiping the surface clean with fresh water. Final step is to use a microfibre cloth to buff the hob to make it shine!

Method 5: Use washing up liquid and white vinegar

If the idea of a bubbling hob puts you on edge a little, use washing up liquid instead of bicarbonate of soda. Use a decent amount of washing up liquid, pouring more onto the heavily soiled parts of your hob. Spray the white vinegar over the top, being liberal with it. Leave the mixture to sit for 20-30 minutes, then wipe it away. Then buff the hob surface using a microfibre cloth.

For all of these methods, I would recommend purchasing a hob scraper, as it can help get the really stubborn marks off. To be honest, for their low cost, it’s probably a good idea to have one in your cleaning cupboard just in case!

5 hob cleaners you should try to clean a ceramic hob

  1. HobBrite
  2. Astonish Powerful Sparkling Hob Cream Cleaner
  3. Ecover oven and hob cleaner
  4. The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste
  5. HG Hob Cleaner

If none of these sound like the product for you, check out other ceramic hob cleaners here on Amazon. Alternatively, you may find that using a steam cleaner on your hob before you use these products may make it easier to get the mess off of it.

Need more help cleaning your home? Find more cleaning tips and tricks elsewhere on my blog.