How to get your stair carpet clean

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Figuring out how to get stair carpet clean has to be one of my most hated household chores. I always end up with a sore back and they never seemed clean enough! Once I started following Mrs Hinch and other cleaning influencers I found new methods and products that would get the stair carpet clean.

What do I need to get clean stairs?

A carpet hair roller

carpet roller rolling up pet hair off of carpet to get stair carpet clean.

I saw these on Tiktok and I am so glad I went straight to Amazon and got myself one. Albie sheds a lot and is allowed upstairs, so our grey stair runner always has hair on it. You rub the pet hair remover back and forth quickly and it collects the hair inside. Click the button and empty, no need to clog up your expensive vacuum with lots of hair!

If a pet roller isn’t for you then I highly recommend one of these combs.

A good vacuum like the Dyson V7

A good vacuum is essential in maintaining a clean house. I opted for the Dyson V7 motorhead because I could use it as an upright vacuum and take it down to a handheld. It’s been a fantastic buy, so good at getting pet hair up! It comes with a couple of extra attachments that clever attach to the wall holder so you won’t lose them. (If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, my parents have got the Tineco A10 and they’ve found it to be just as good! It also has the fancy headlights on it!)

Use a Bissell SpotClean Pro to get stair carpet clean and smelling amazing!

Bissell Spot Clean Pro is perfect for getting stair carpet clean.

The Bissell Spot Clean Pro has been one of my favourite household purchases and I’m so glad I got it. No matter what gets spilled in the house, I know this little machine can be pulled out of the cupboard and put to work!

The gunk that will come out of your stairs! Even after you’ve hoovered and used the pet roller! The water comes out a satisfying dirty colour. We could visibly see the carpet go from dark to light grey again. Thanks to the Bissell carpet cleaning shampoo with Febreze in, it smelled lovely and cotton fresh! It’s light and portable making it easy to take out to the car or in our case pop round to my parents so they can borrow it.

I hope this routine of carpet roller, vacuum and then carpet wash gets your stair carpets looking fresh and clean again! I like to finish mine off with a spritz of my favourite Zoflora or Fabulosa diluted sprays.

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