Bissell SpotClean Pro Review | Is it worth your money?

bissell spot clean pro

The Bissell SpotClean Pro arrived on my doorstep at the end of March It took me maybe 5 minutes to get it unpacked and grab the instructions. I was so ready to use it.

When I ordered mine I also grabbed a bottle of the Bissell Wash and Refresh in the Cotton Breeze Febreeze scent. They have quite a range of other types you can try. I like that the cap is also the measuring cup with an angled spout. This makes it easy to pour the liquid into the clean water tank without spilling any. However, it’s a pricey product, so I’ll be looking for cheaper, compatible cleaning liquids. But having said that, I really love the smell of the Cotton Breeze scent, it made my parents old bathroom carpet smell much better. ( They were in the moving out process so I used it to give their house a deep clean!)

The handles are interchangeable with a larger one for larger areas and a small one for tough stains. I found the small head easier for manoeuvring around chairs and the larger one for the carpets and rugs.

Now granted the Bissell SpotClean Pro is obviously a “spot cleaning” machine and not truly designed to be used on large surface areas like carpets. But, there is nothing stopping you from doing so other than some sore knees and having to refill the water tank a few times.

My parents old house is pretty old school decorated and had a carpet in the bathroom (not my style, but like I said not my house) so I decided to use that as my test area. It took around 20 in depth minutes for me to do the small carpet (2m x2m wide maximum) carpet in their bathroom with it. That was me going over the same areas multiple times to really see it suck everything out. There is something so satisfying about seeing the grim coloured water being sucked into the machine!

I then used it on the stairs at home and it sucked up Albies hair so well, and took the carpet from dark grey to light grey. It took all the mud and hair!

bissell spotclean pro is the ideal tool for cleaning up pet mess.

I’m really glad I bought this. It’s making cleaning up little spills much easier. It’s also great for odd jobs like cleaning the inside of the car. Although, I can really see myself investing in an upright water vacuum if we do decide to keep most of the carpet in our house. For around £150, i’m really impressed!

I would really recommend investing in this little machine to clean up messes, your car, your stairs and furniture! I’ve now got my eye on the Bissell Crosswave for the big carpeted areas and the hard flooring.

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