Summer fashion: the dresses, shoes and bags you need!

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Summer 2021 is coming and so is summer fashion! I’m going to make the most of it! I doubt i’m the only person who feels this summer has to be taken full advantage of after last years being stuck in lockdown.

I feel like I’m really starting to find my love for fashion, and in a way I have to thank lockdown life! I’ve seen so many people on social media sharing their clothes and makeup and now I want to as well.

Summer fashion is something I used to be afraid of. Because it’s the time to show a bit more skin, I always felt a little too nervous for it. However this year, I feel more confident and i’ve gone out of my way to make sure I try new things like clothing, food and places when we’re allowed out again. I mean, the Boohoo bardot dress I have on in this photo would usually be out of my comfort zone but it’s so cute.

So I’ve made a few picks below of summer fashion items for you to browse. Enjoy!

summer fashion: day dresses

I have bought so many more dresses for this summer than I have in previous years. This summer I’m going to let the skin be shown a bit more!

Tote bags and other summer fashion bags

Big bags will never go out of style! I love being able to throw an entire days worth of stuff in a bag and get out for the day.

Summer fashion: casual and formal shoes

I’m definitely more of a trainers kind of girl, but I’ve treated myself to some sandals for the summer. I’ve thrown in a few pairs of gorgeous heels as well!

Formalwear for summer weddings and parties

I really hope this summer is full of evenings dining out with friends and family, weddings and parties. After a year stuck in the house, we need to all make the most of the summer and all of its events!

Swimwear for all sizes

One thing I’ve noticed in all the shops is that they’re really making up for last years lack of being able to go abroad! I’ve seen quite a few introducing plus size ranges and more than just bikinis!

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