OOTD: Uni casual and why I’m glad I’ve switched degree


Hoodie: Jack Wills
Shirt: George at Asda
Scarf: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Boots: Primark
Backpack: Roxy

Hey everyone!

I thought i’d ease into blogging with a quick post of my casual everyday sort of outfit I wear when I go to Uni and a little lookback on life at uni at the moment.  I like to be comfy, especially if I’m in for most of the day. Today was a busy one! We have our media practice assessment to hand in on friday- a 3 minute long film documenting a subject.

3 minutes isn’t a long amount of time but when you’re working in a team to create a project video, getting 3 minutes of good quality footage with a proper storyline can be hard. Especially when it’s your first time doing it!

The Outfit

I love this Jack Wills hoodie, it is so comfy and the perfect colour to throw onto any outfit for university.

I found this cute deer scarf in Primark and had to get it. I love everything Bambi and anything with cute deer on it gets bought.

The Roxy backpack I bought in my first year here at uni and it has been an amazing purchase for the £45 price tag. It has 3 segments to it, side pockets, lots of little pockets inside and padded enough to be comfortable on the back.

Why I’m glad I switched university degree

I hope you are all doing well! Uni is going pretty well but it has been a big change switching courses. I never thought I would do that! But as time went on I realised studying law and becoming a lawyer just wasn’t for me ( failed exams was a bit of a clear sign).

Starting this media and journalism degree has made me realise I’m starting on a good path towards a career i’m interested in. Don’t get me wrong this has been of the biggest decisions i’ve ever had to make, university is not cheap and you can’t just jump from degree to degree as you want, especially when each year costs £9000! BUT I’m so glad I did.

It’s so exciting to be able to read and study something you’re passionate about. What I’m really enjoying about studying both media and journalism is that I’m learning so many skills and opening up my mind to new careers that I didn’t think about it before. Being able to have more choice is making me more excited for when we get to choose our options later in the degree.

If money didn’t matter what would you want to study? 

Shannon x