Navabi- Dressing for confidence. AD

This post contains a gifted item from Navabi. All opinions are my own.

Taking a look at this blog post you might think you’ve stumbled onto another persons blog. But no, that’s me, in a dress and heels!

Fashion and clothing isn’t something you will have seen too much of on my blog. I am so at home in trackies, jeans, trainers and hoodies and have gotten so complacent and lazy with my “style”. I dress for comfort everyday. As most of my days revolve around tidying the house, sat working in the home office or walking the dog, I usually cycle between PJs, lounge sets and onesies. It’s all about the cosy, comfort factor.

But I’ve always had those moments where I see other women in dresses, power suits, high heels etc and think “wow, I wish I looked like that… wish I could wear that!”. Some people might be surprised that I’m mentioning clothes or fashion.

But I’ve always been interested in clothes and fashion, I’ve just never felt comfortable wearing the styles I see all over Instagram myself. But after taking some time to look through my wardrobe, Pinterest and Instagrams score of fashionable people that I follow, I realised I actually really love clothes and it’s time to start branching out in the wardrobe department.

When Navabi got in contact and wanted to send me one of their gorgeous dresses, I leapt at the chance to get a new style in my wardrobe. Our friends have just had their first baby and I finally have something PERFECT for the christening!

I’ve always loved classic outfits that I can use for different occasions. When I saw this dress on the Navabi website, I immediately fell in love. I could see it dressed up with heels and a nice bag but also PERFECT for hot weather with a pair of trainers and dressed down casual days.

It arrived super speedy within a few days of ordering and the crepe material makes it so light to wear. I ordered an 18 but wish i’d sized down a little as I’m a 16-18 at the moment so it’s a little loose on top! But to be honest, in the summer I’d appreciate that!

Manon Baptiste tie-waist crepe dress from Navabi

This dress! Navabi you have done it- you made a perfectly ‘me’ dress! You’ll know what I mean when I say that sometimes you try something on and you instantly feel different. I tried this on and I felt so confident, all the bits of me I’m embarrassed by are covered and I look elegant! I even feel slimmer! It pairs perfectly with trainers and a cross body bag for a chilled vibe for going out during the day. But I first wore it as a formal dress with nude Boohoo heels and my nude Primark bag. It’s going to be perfect for a christening I have in a few weeks!

Manon Baptiste Tie-Waist Crepe Wrap Dress – Navabi

As I look forward to 2020, I am thinking so much about “positive thinking”. 2019 was full of a lot of hate for my body, and I really don’t want to take that with me into a new decade. Wearing dresses is a small step towards an overall more confident me, and I am so excited for it. I’m taking other small steps such as better skincare, a workout routine and actually taking the time to look after myself properly.

I changed jobs recently and my weeks have a lot more exercise in them which is doing a lot for my self confidence! I really hope to be wearing more beautiful clothes like this in 2020. I’m doing a lot behind the scenes to build my confidence and part of it is wearing the clothes I’ve always wanted to!