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One thing about the pandemic and the lockdowns is I have had plenty of time to daydream and manifest. I follow quite a few luxury bloggers and youtubers and i’m always seeing the beautiful items that they buy, review or are sent as PR products.

So I thought for a bit of fun and a change in blog post style, I would share a little of what I am coveting from the higher end of the fashion and beauty markets.

Mulberry Bayswater

I have wanted one of these for probably about a decade. In all honesty, I still don’t really know why I like them so much as I’m not really a handbag kind of woman at this point in my life, but there’s just something so classic about the Mulberry Bayswater that if I could, I’d have one in a second. I’ve seen people fit all sorts of things in these bags- laptops, phones, makeup bags, notepads and folders etc! So I think it’s quite a classy all-in-one sort of bag that if looked after properly will last years.

Holland Cooper Full Length Malborough Trench Coat in Camel

Holland Cooper Full Length Malborough Trench Coat

I’ve seen this beautiful brand everywhere online during the autumn and winter of 2020. Although majorly outside of my budget, I can’t help but adore it, especially their equestrian collections. I’ve seen Victoria from Inthefrow sharing so many of this brands beautiful pieces and although I am currently a little too large for their clothing, I’m hoping to save for one of these beautiful brands items in the future.

A trench coat is just another wardrobe staple that you need to have. They go with pretty much everything and are timeless and add that effortlessly smart elegance to an outfit. Holland Cooper have so many incredible designs but I’m particularly in love with the camel, red and red tartan trenches.

Rouge Malachite Armani Prive

A unisex fragrance, Rouge Malachite from the Armani Prive range is a perfume that I have heard so many wonderful things about. I tried it once as a sample but seeing as the 50ml bottles start at £170, I won’t be purchasing it any time soon! I spritzed it once and I could smell it all day, a very strong, floral yet spicy, long-lasting scent. Featuring tuberose, clary sage essence, pink peppercorns, orange blossom, ylang ylang and more, it is a thickly floral and oriental scent.

I loved the scent of it, I could smell it on me all day and was complimented after trying it at the Georgio Armani Stand in John Lewis, and I only wish I could afford to drop such a sum of money on just one bottle of perfume. However, I know if I did, it would be an investment as It’d be used sparingly for years to come! It literally smells of wealth haha!

I’m also a sucker for aesthetically pleasing packaging and this sitting in your house is definitely going to attract attention with its beautiful and unusual bottle design.

Buy Dior Backstage Eye Palette, 004 Rosewood Neutrals Online at

Dior Backstage Eye Palette

I have one Dior eyeshadow quad palette and it is untouched. I can’t bring myself to use it. IT’S JUST TOO PRETTY! However, I might just start using it once I get my hands on the Dior Backstage Eye Palette. That middle line of colours just looks like it would warm up my makeup (I tend to stick to very natural nude colours). It also looks like the kind of palette you could use to easily go from day to night looks, so no need to travel with multiple palettes when going on holiday etc.

Medium Lady Dior Bag Front view Open gallery

Lady Dior Bag

I’ve just realised as I’m writing this blog post that I said above that “i’m not a handbag kind of woman”. I take it back. I realise now that “I’m not a handbag kind of woman, because I have expensive taste and no money” haha. I keep seeing so many beautiful handbags on social media and the one that always makes me *just the tiniest bit jealous* is the Lady Dior bag. It’s a bag that looks beautiful in pretty much any colour or material but I think for versatilities sake and it’s eye watering price tag, if I ever had the money to get one, I would have to opt for the standard black leather option.

Dyson Air Wrap

I mean do I even need to introduce this? Everyone (and their mother!) knows about the Dyson Air Wrap. It’s definitely at the high end of the beauty and technology price tag but I really want one. I have cut my hair super short at the moment but I hope to get one of these when my hair is longer again. The fact it can dry and style your hair in one go and you can have one tool to do lots of hairstyles, really sells it to me.

Stuart Weitzman Riding Boots

If the day ever comes that I can slim down my thick calves ( and i’m not being jokey here, I have really wide legs!) I will be buying a pair of Stuart Weitzmans. Another blogger inspired purchase as I’ve seen these so many times over the years and they seem to be a really decent investment pair of boots.

The dream would be to have a cupboard full of Stuart Weitzman boots!

Neom Perfect Night’s Sleep Tranquility Candle

I have been wanting a Neom candle for years. Especially one of these tranquility relaxing ones, it would be perfect for bedtime or in the bathroom for a pamper night.

I am pretty sure I would have a Perfect Night’s Sleep with one of these lit!

Gucci Dionysus Bag

Now I know for the fashionable people this bag might be a bit old or out of style but I still love it. I love the unique clasp, the contrasting textures and the medium size seems a perfect handbag. The Gucci Dionysus comes in so many designs, sizes and I really hope to get my hands on one, one day.

Ugg Classic Ultra Mini Boots

Now I’m not sure why, but Uggs seem to be a marmite kind of footwear. People either love them or hate them. I’m definitely in the love camp. My parents got me a pair from America a few years back that were mini’s and I used them as slippers. They had great ankle support, I had my memory foam insoles so my feet were comfy walking in them surrounded by the fluffy insides and the proper sole meant if I did have to pop out to the garden in them, they didn’t get soaked and ruined. Then I thought I had lost them, turns out they were being used as a chew toy by our new puppy, Mr Albie. As soon as I can, i’ll be getting another pair of these mini boots as they were the perfect slippers!

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