Max Factor Pinks

I have found my two favourite max factor pinks in the most gorgeous gold packaging!

 I have only recently become obsessed with lipstick. I blame all these beauty bloggers I follow! Being quite pale, I get a bit nervous about wearing bright colours, but I do love a good pink lipstick!

Im starting to become a bit bolder with my girly side and enjoy trying to find a good shade of lipstick, and I think pinks are the way forward to me as I prefer a fairly natural look to my makeup.

Angel Pink is a creamy, shiny baby pink that I use on most days. I managed to get it for a bargain price of £3!!

However, my almost daily lipstick at the moment is Pink Brandy. It brings a nice pop of colour to my otherwise pale face. It has a nice sheen but also looks quite a natural colour.

Both of these lipsticks have made me stray away from Rimmel lipsticks which is the brand I wear the most. I love the gold packaging- it gives the feel of a more expensive lipstick than the £8 they actually cost on average.

Do you wear any Max Factor lipsticks?

S x