Beauty: Urban Decay Naked Heat Masterclass with Danielle Roberts!

Do I really need to tell you all about the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette?
Freshly launched it is EVERYWHERE in the blogosphere and is the subject of much admiration right now on Youtube.

It is the newest addition to the best-selling Naked palette range by Urban Decay and it is clear that they have listened to their customers and released a warm palette. I am yet to buy it but after swatching it, I am pretty sure it’s going to be mine soon!

The Naked Heat palette features 12 warm-toned shades- warm browns, burnt oranges and deep reds. At first upon seeing such orange shades, I ignored this palette. I had flashbacks to my teenage years where I wore Dream Matte Mousse that was definitely a few shades too dark! Orange and my pale skin doesn’t seem to be a good match! But the more I look at it on Instagram, the more I’m convinced I need it.

naked heat palette urban decay

The palette consists of :

Ounce (ivory shimmer)
Chaser (light nude matte)
Sauced (soft terra-cotta matte)
Low Blow (brown matte)
Lumbre (copper shimmer w/gold pearl shift)
He Devil (burnt red matte)
Dirty Talk (metallic burnt red)
Scorched (metallic deep red w/gold micro-shimmer)
Cayenne (deep terra-cotta matte)
En Fuego (burgundy matte)
Ashes (deep reddish-brown matte)
Ember (deep metallic copper-burgundy)

The lovely team over at Debenhams in Newcastle held a masterclass to celebrate the launch of this new range and in particular, the palette itself. I was so excited for this masterclass as the MUA for the evening was Danielle Roberts.

danielle roberts youtube urban decay

I subscribe to her on Youtube and follow her on instagram and I love her work! It was really cool to meet her in person and to see the look she pulled off!

Demonstrating the latest trend in makeup that is being used by very prominent fashion houses, she showed us how to create a monochromatic look.

But what is a monochromatic look? You create a look that centres around a particular colour and carry that through your eyes and lips to give one flawless theme. Danielle created a look around the dark plum colours at the end of the palette.

naked heat palette swatches

I was sat a few rows back but this didn’t stop me being able to see the effect of the palette. By spraying her brush with setting spray and allowing it soak in it, you can create a ‘wet’ eyeshadow look. I couldn’t believe the high level of shine that I could notice from such a distance away- definitely a tip for the future!

naked heat palette masterclass

The finished feathered lip look was just gorgeous and went so well with the eyes and the monochromatic plum was clear throughout the look. I loved it! I don’t know if I would be brave enough to wear such bright colours but the lip look looked so nice I think I have to give it a try!

The sheer pigment of each colour was INSANE. The last Urban Decay palette I bought was the Naked 3 and I am still blown away by how much I love it every time I use it.

I honestly didn’t think I would want to buy the Heat palette because of the colours. But I have to admit as soon as I swatched it on my wrist I was in love with the intense, metallic coppery colour of ‘Scorched’.

I woke up the next morning and found it still on my wrist- now that is staying power a good 12 hours later! 

After asking some of my other beauty-minded blogging friends, it turns out that every shade in the Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette features UD’s Pigment Infusion System™, the proprietary blend of ingredients that gives each shade its velvety texture, rich colour, serious staying power and blendability. 

But what really impressed me is the sheer amount of work that goes into making these palettes. It takes 50 people 20 weeks to make them! The formula for the shadows doesn’t include polymers and that is why you don’t end up with a waxy quality to them.

I have definitely been convinced to buy the Heat palette and will be getting it as a payday treat as soon as I’ve signed for my first ever full-time job!

Although I felt the event was a little rushed and possibly could have been sat in better lighting ( I really struggled to get decent photos due to the lighting from behind the tutorial) I did enjoy spending time with some of my favourite North East bloggers and browsing the Urban Decay counter!

Check out Danielle’s channel below!

Have you bought the Naked Heat Palette? What do you think of it? 

Thanks for Reading! 

Shay x