I have found my ultimate skin ‘dream team’… Thank you Lush!

I have been an avid fan of Lush’s number one product, the ‘dream cream’ for years now. It is literally the only cream that doesn’t upset my skin. Plus I smell glorious afterwards. Its’ lavender scent relaxes me and adds a soothing part to my daily routine.

A couple of weeks ago when on a usual lush haunt, I spoke to one of the sales people, looking specifically for products that are good if you have skin problems. Naturally I left with a lot of bath bombs, bath melts and this- ‘the DreamWash’.

DreamWash is a shower soap which you scoop out and rub it allover whilst in the shower or bath. It has soothing calamine and aloe vera which calms down irritated sensitive skin like mine. I’ve been using it daily now, and my skin is more relaxed than ever!

It has a gorgeous silky texture and just smells amazing. The smell lingers long after your shower and makes your bathroom smell wonderful.

I have found that if I use this during my shower, dry off and then apply my Dream Cream, that not only do I get this wonderful mix of fragrance but my skin feels soft, not irritated and I can relax without worrying about my skin becoming irritated when I’m on the move.

When I read the label I found another brilliant reason to purchase dream wash! The calamine clay in it is antiseptic and is brilliant for sunburn- an essential for me as we head into the summer months!

S x