Skincare Products You’ll love : Aldi Lacura Silicone Facial Cleanser Review

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Aldi Lacura Silicone Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin in Pink

The Aldi Lacura Silicone Facial Cleanser has to be one of my favourite purchases of 2021. We all know Aldi are infamous for their dupes of far more expensive brands and I knew it wouldn’t be long until I found something I’d been looking for.

My skincare routine has become more important to me in the past couple of years. I’m really trying to take better care of my skin, so I decided to take a leap and purchase the Foreo Fofo (the name still makes me chuckle). It was an expensive investment for me, but I thought my skin was worth the price. I love it and highly recommend it if it’s within your budget to get one, but I refused to let it leave the house, so for travelling, I would just use my face wash on it’s own. It also ran on batteries and is quite fiddly to undo to replace. So imagine my reaction when i’m down the middle aisle of Aldi doing my weekly food shop and I spot this!

Retailing at £11.99 (we got ours on offer for £7.99 each), it‘s a fraction of the cost of the main name brand Foreo products, most of which retail at well over the £100 mark. So it really is a much more affordable dupe!

The reason I chose the Foreo Fofo was because it was the most affordable option at the time that I could use multiple times using batteries, as their chargeable products were far out of my price range. So when I saw that the Aldi Lacura Silicone Facial Cleanser could be charged, I snapped it up.

I also like the size of the cleanser. It’s almost the same size of the main Foreo products and it could be plugged in to charge too. Unlike my Foreo Fofo which is very small, about half the size and can sometimes slip out of my hands when wet. The shape of the cleanser, with its curve off to one side, make it fit in the palm of your hand well too.

Aldi stock different models of their Lacura Silicone Facial Cleanser: for oily skin, sensitive skin, normal skin and combination skin. So there’s a device for everyone to try.

I now use it daily to cleanse my skin with whichever facial wash i’m using at the time. I’ve found the silicone bristles to be soft on my skin and leaves it feeling squeaky clean. On the front at the top there are bristles that are shaped to make it easier to clean around your nose. On the back there are bristles for cleansing oily skin and that provide massage thanks to the vibrating feature. You can adjust the intensity (something I do like so it doesn’t feel like it’s shaking your whole head when you’re using it!). It has 14 intensity levels, and uses high frequency pulses to remove dirt, oils and leftover make-up from the skin while boosting circulation and leaving the skin super soft and clean. I’ve found I only need to recharge it at most once a week using it at a medium level.

My skin feels really refreshed after every use. It’s soft, tight and feels like I’ve visited a spa and is ready for the next steps in my skincare routine. If you’re in a rush, it can also be used in the shower due to it being waterproof.

There’s no need to worry about water getting into the charging socket, there is a little stopper that you pop into the socket which keeps it watertight. I’ve been using this for a good few months now and had no issues. It charges with a USB cable, making it an easy thing to take travelling!

If you’re into your tech, please note that the Aldi Lacura Silicone Facial Cleanser does not come with an app unlike the Foreo products.It also doesn’t have timed modes, which the Foreo products do, but it’s quite easy to know when to stop using it. You could set a timer on a phone or watch. But, for the price, you really can’t argue with it.

I have enjoyed using this facial cleanser so much that I gifted one to my Mum for Christmas, as she is a big fan of Aldi products and skincare, so it seemed a perfect gift to go alongside her other spa like gifts.

If you’re looking to add more self-care into your skincare routine, I highly recommend keeping an eye out for one of these in your local Aldi or grabbing it online here.