I tried Floatation Therapy | Floatation Wellness Centre in Gateshead Review | AD

I tried Floatation Therapy | Floatation Wellness Centre in Gateshead Review | AD

I was invited along to try floatation sessions by the Floatation Wellness Centre in Gateshead in return for a review on my blog. All opinions expressed are my own.

Visiting the Floatation Wellness Centre

Anxiety has ruled my life for the best part of 10 years and now I’m 25, I’ve completely had enough! I’m doing so many things (that’s another post) to help me beat my anxiety. So when I was asked to come and try Floatation Therapy at the Floatation Wellness Centre I decided to give it a go!

When you arrive at the Floatation Wellness Centre in Pelaw you’re greeted by the very knowledgeable Mark and immediately put at ease! Make sure to have a chat with him afterwards of how you feel as he has so much interesting knowledge on the subject of floatation. There have been many studies on the subject and has been proven to help anxiety, chronic illness and even athletes use it to relieve pain!

Walking into the room and all you can see is some huge futuristic glowing egg. In truth, a little daunting with its bright blue glow but fascinating looking and you can hear the water bubbling away!

In the room there is a shower and through a door is a changing area complete with vanity table and mirror, products for after your shower such as deodorant wipes and hairspray as well as brushes and a hair dryer.

You can lock the door and the room is completely yours. You can do this experience in the nude but I felt too uncomfortable to do that the first time so popped on my swimming costume before heading towards the bright blue light of the pod.

Inside the pod is salts which help you float and the water is a warm temperature and the door is on hydraulics. It’s recommended to shut the door to get the full experience and I remember thinking on my way there that no way would I be doing THAT. me? Who gets claustrophobic? I was so certain I wouldn’t do it.

You get in and lay down and immediately float. It’s such a weird but nice feeling especially as a plus size woman to suddenly feel weightless!

My experience in the Iso-Pod

The Iso-pod does look a little daunting and futuristic with the blue light. It’s at a comfortable height for climbing into and the door is on hydraulics rods so when you close it, all it takes is a slight push and the door lifts open automatically in a split second to fully open. Perfect if you decide closing the door isn’t for you!

After taking a few snaps in the pod, I popped my phone outside it and laid down again properly- closing the door. I didn’t panic once about it being closed- I actually felt safer!

I got in and laid down and the salt just pushed me to float! I splashed around a little turning myself around so my head was furthest away from the door and I could watch the blue light dancing on the ceiling. It was so calming. I closed my eyes and just focused on staying relaxed and listening to my breathing and before I knew it, I HAD FALLEN ASLEEP! I woke up to the relaxing ambient music beginning to play again and I’d had such a peaceful little nap during my 60 minutes in the Iso-pod.

I got out, showered, dried my hair and headed out feeling relaxed.

After Floatation Therapy at the Floatation Wellness Centre

Leaving the Floatation Wellness Centre I had that wonderfully clean and fresh feeling, a similar one to when you’ve been swimming. My head was so clear when I left. I felt like I could focus better on my own needs and immediately felt empowered and so so RELAXED!

It really felt like my mind had been wiped, like a clean white slate. I just felt so fresh and calm and noticed that my back didn’t hurt anymore after leaving.

My anxiety when it’s very bad can make it difficult for me to travel, I get very stressed out about public transport especially switching from bus to metro. Straight after this experience, I went food shopping and hopped straight on the metro home. I had gone a few stops before I even realised I was on the metro!

On my way home, I jumped off the bus and went into the gym. Something I didn’t think I would do! I just had such calmness and confidence after being in the Iso-pod. I wouldn’t say its cured my anxiety but as part of a whole series of many factors I’m putting into place to battle it, it really does help. A whole hour of peace and relaxation and a bit of ‘me time’!

When reflecting on my time in the Iso-Pod trying floatation therapy, I realised that the experience had me challenge many issues I had in myself. Not only my anxiety, but my self-consciousness. I wore a swimming costume for the first time in over a year with confidence! I also challenged my claustrophobia and didn’t feel constrained or trapped at all in the tank.

I also felt relaxed enough to sit down with my note pad and start some ‘life planning’ ( yet again, more on that in another post). I’m already making plans to try another session, but I definitely will be going back as the experience was so positive!

For more information about the Floatation Wellness Centre, check out their website.


I was invited along to try floatation sessions by the Floatation Wellness Centre in Gateshead in return for a review on my blog. All opinions expressed are my own.