October Roundup -Our Anniversary, big changes and we got a dog !

Hi Everyone!

October is over and it’s been an exciting month for us here in the Kennedy-Hinds household. I love busy months where they fly by and you realise how much has changed in just a month.

October : we got a dog

As you may have already read, we got a dog. Robbie has been with us nearly a full month and it has been a massive change to the household. It’s weird going from only having yourself to think about, to waking up at specific times to let the dog out, walk him and give him his breakfast. It’s been great for me as I’ve ended up with a new schedule, which helps me when I’m working from home.

I’ll write an update post on Robbie specifically soon after he’s been here awhile longer! But I will let you know that I’m so in love with this little chap. He is so sweet and every few days we are seeing changes!


October : Our Anniversary!

Rob and I also celebrated our anniversary in October. A good long walk through the countryside with our wee Robbie, just us and some music and our cameras, it was perfect. We had a romantic, home cooked dinner and snuggled up watching movies on the sofa all three of us. It was perfect.

I love that we both going out for walks. Taking our cameras out and exploring this new place where I now live is exciting and I’m still finding new places to explore. It’s great to take Robbie out, as he needs a lot of socialising due to his previous lifestyle as a housedog.

October : I got a job!

I am so excited to finally write on my blog that I have a job! That horrible post-university phase where you’re worrying about getting a job is over for me. It’s great to be able to take some weight off my shoulders in this way and to be able to plan ahead financially!

October : House Improvements are underway!

I completely blame Mrs. Hinch for inspiring my love of cleaning. But to be honest, I think also having a house of my own to keep clean and tidy has made me somewhat house pride and interested in the house. I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent over the past few months looking up everything to do with redecorating, DIY, and even renovating for future plans. We’re currently looking at re-doing some floors first, especially the stairs and hallway! I’ve been perusing the Ikea website for furniture and decor, as I really want to get the dining room up and running soon so we can get Christmas sorted!