Decorating our bedroom with Tesco Photo

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Hey there!

So we’re finally starting to get some decorating done! I’m so happy!

I think starting to decorate your house is such a daunting process. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have about 10 different styles you like, all for different budgets!

Since moving in together, we have been making plans to decorate and renovat the house. Most of the rooms in the house are liveable in and will get their makeovers over time, but our bedroom is number one on the list.

The bedroom has been Robs for years, and as such has been through every stage of deisgn from teenage boy to batchelor guy decor.

Now it’s time to decorate it to our style!

Luckily, Rob and I agreed that the bedroom should be fairly monochrome and went for three white walls and a feature wall of light grey. The bedroom needs a couple of bits of furniture more

Choosing our Canvas photo

As you may already know, Rob and I are keen photographers. Rob can take some absolutely beautiful photos and we both felt it was important to have our own photos throughout the house. He particularly likes canvases so when Tesco Photo got in touch, I was so excited to get a big photo of ours printed on a canvas for our bedroom.

We chose this photo because it was from one of my favourite dates we’ve been on. We head down to the beach every now and again and on this day we took the drone, took photos, had fish and chips and ice cream and watched the sunset. It really was a perfect day- that ended with quite a photogenic photo of us! haha 🙂

We decided we wanted the canvas in our bedroom and spent ages going through our photos until we found this one.

Ordering our Canvas from Tesco Photo

Once we had our photo, it was super simple to order it online. We ordered a 24 by 16 inch canvas, which is perfect size to fit in the middle of our bedroom wall. Because of this size of the canvas, the delivery stated 8 days – it arrived in 3!

It arrived packed safe and sound in plenty of bubble wrap, and when I pulled it out, I could see how good quality it is.

Considering the photo was taken on an Iphone 7+, I was a little nervous it might be pixelated, but nope! It looks so good!

We stuck it up on the wall using command strips ( they’re bloody brilliant if you don’t want to damage your walls) and I love it so much.

I love having this photo in our bedroom, it has a wonderful mix of colours that goes with the room but also reminds me of one of my favourite day dates we’ve been on and of one of my favourite places, Tynemouth beach.

I really love my little makeup area!

I have this little unit from Aldi that has six compartments with swing doors for my clothes at the moment and on top, all my makeup and my mirror. I sit on the edge of my bed and do my makeup here everyday. It’s so nice to have a cute little area to do it, but it’ll probably get a bit of a change at some point when the other rooms get sorted!


Thanks for reading!

Shay x

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