Why you should eat at the amazing Revolucion De Cuba | Menu Review

So many amazing new restaurants are popping up allover Newcastle. Revolucion De Cuba is the new Cuban inspired restaurant and bar, located right in the centre of town. Rob and I headed there for a special date night…

I was kindly invited to review Revolucion De Cuba on behalf of InNewcastle as a guest blogger ( check out my full review here.) It’s a perfect place to head for cocktails with the girls, date night or a fun event.

We decided to go as a date night and try some new cuisine! An excuse to dress up a little. The restaurant is beautiful, and feels like you’ve left Newcastle and you’re on holiday in Cuba.

Looking at the full menu, I was overwhelmed by choice. Burgers, tapas, burritos and cocktails! Seeing as I had never tried tapas before, we opted to have some tapas dishes as a starter.

Revolucion De Cuba recommend three to share as a starter and six plates if you want them as a main to share.

We weren’t so sure what we could finish eating so we only went for two to make sure we had room for dessert.

We had albondigas and chorizo croquettas for our tapas starters. They were incredible!

Cheese and chorizo croquettes have been added to my Pinterest food board- so moreish and yummy.

For our mains, I opted for the steak fillet burger with sweet potato fries. The burger had aioli in it and I’m now obsessed with it- garlic butter basically! It tasted amazing!

Rob went for the Cuban Cheeseburger with jerk chicken and fries. He seemed to enjoy it as he wolfed it down within a few minutes.


For our dessert, we went for a firm favourite: churros and melted chocolate. Hot, crispy on the outside and soft inside and so sweet, they were perfect for sharing whilst we chatted about our busy day walking around The Great Exhibition of the North Design Trail.

Revolucion de Cuba consists of a private bar, a rooftop bar and the main restaurant. It’s also dog-friendly, which puts it right up there for me as a good place for going out. I know for a fact when I get a dog, I’m going to struggle leaving it at home!


As we were heading out for a proper date night- I decided I was going to get something new. I opted for this jumpsuit from Primark. So popular I had to get it two sizes too big- but it worked in my favour as it left comfortable room around my tummy and chest making me feel better about myself.

I’m currently trying to lose weight, my 25 by 25 goal! Wearing this jumpsuit was my first non-scale victory, I felt confident to go out in something normally way out of my comfort zone! I even wore heeled boots (the closest thing to heels that I can walk in lol) and felt so nice compared to normal. I’m slowly growing in confidence with my fashion, and I really can’t wait to be fully confident in choosing date night clothes and using it as an excuse to buy new, exciting and even sexy clothes as I lose weight and gain confidence.


Have you eaten at Revolucion De Cuba? Have you tried cuban cuisine?