The Body Shop has always been one of my favourite beauty and
skincare brands because of their stance on animal testing.  Then I became a blogger and they made my dream come true by inviting me to their events. Last Sunday, they hosted an Autumn event at their Metrocentre shop in the platinum mall…

On Sunday, I attended an event hosted by Gianni from The G Edit. I’ve been reading his blog for a few years now and it’s really cool to
meet other bloggers in person. Arriving to a quiet Metrocentre in the evening,
us NEBloggers had the entire shop to ourselves! The store had organised a few
separate stations to keep us occupied before letting us loose to shop!

The Halloween  ‘Vanilla Pumpkin Limited Edition Range


  October is all about Halloween. Pumpkins in particular.  So, The Body Shop has created a 

‘       Vanilla
Pumpkin’ range. I left with the body butter to add to my collection. It has a

        biscuit smell and is already making its way into my October favourites!

 #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting Petition Signing and Selfie Station

animal testing petition

Abbie and I headed straight for the Selfie Station where we could sign the petition for the ban on animal testing. The Body Shop need 8 MILLION signatures to ban it worldwide and have already amassed over 3 million, so get signing and let’s make a difference!

We filled out our details on the petition and grabbed the selfie frame, bunny ears and eye mask! A cute photo for the fridge!

Sign the petition here.

Shop the Products:

 A Liquid Peel using ‘Drops of Youth Liquid

My first little treatment was having this massaged into my
hand. Given that I had spent the day outside in the park with Teemo, I was
after some clean, soft skin. This liquid peel is worked into your skin and
lifts up the dead skin and impurities, allowing you to actually see the peel at
work. A little gross but at least you can see visible results immediately! You
could also feel that the skin was much softer compared to my untreated hand,
and it’s made it’s way onto my ‘To Buy’ list.

Customising our own body butters

Being able to give and receive customised presents is pretty
cool and when you can do it in store whilst you’re choosing product is even
better. Rob was fascinated by the little printer as it churned out shiny
stickers for our body butters. There were three gorgeous smelling butters to
pick from, blueberry, peach and raspberry – so we took a different one each to

I got the peach one and it’s become a welcome addition to my already
dangerously high stacked pile of body butters. ( I’m a big fan, it’s one of my
top 5 products for fighting eczema!)

The whole process takes a few minutes as you pick which
picture you’d like, type in your name and wait for the printer to pop out your
sticker. The lovely staff then professionally applies it to your body butter-
ready to give (or hoard, in my case!)

    Hand and Arm Massage using the British Rose

When I saw the invite said massage I was so ready for this
event. We could pick any range to have our massage with so I opted for my
second favourite, the British Rose Range. A good scrub with the exfoliator
followed by lathering on the body butter. I could still smell the products on
my skin a good few hours later when I went to bed!

 Skin Consultation 

My dry skin is always a problem and I’m dreading the winter.
So I decided to get a skin consultation too and see if there were any miracle
products out there that could help. I was recommended to try products from the
Hemp and Vitamin E ranges. My skin went from feeling dry and tight to soft and
smooth. I particularly loved the Vitamin E cleanser and bought it at the end of the event and I’ve been using it everyday since. 

Another wonderful and friendly events hosted by the lovely staff at The Body Shop in the Metrocentre! I really enjoyed this one- the new Autumn products, getting to go with Abbie and Rob and leaving with a pretty hefty bag of goodies (including the green advent calendar, thank you so much Rob!) 


Will you be buying one of the advent calendars? What’s your favourite Body Shop range?

Thanks for Reading! 

S x

*This post contains affiliate links. The Body Shop invited me to this event but all opinions are my own*