GRAZE Blogger Challenge!

I’m really getting into snacking healthily again, and am finding small portions of nuts, fruit or cereal bars on the go are stopping me from snacking on things like chocolate! So when Graze said they wanted me to try their summer blogger challenge, I said yes in the hope of finding something new I liked!

I only recently started liking cereal and biscuit bars but I was really pleased to see plenty of nuts and dried fruit in my little pots when they arrived!

I started off the day with some golden syrup porridge. I’m really glad I have found my love for porridge again as it is so good for me and I feel really full afterwards. I normally have it plain with semi-skimmed or whole milk but today I tried the golden syrup type with one of my snack pots.

I decided to add the Summertime punch box to my porridge to sweeten it up. Lovely coconut, dried pineapple and golden berries.

The next day I had a little pre- workout snack of the ‘banana flapjacks’ and ‘the natural energy nuts’ and the ‘almond carrot and apple’ pot washed down with a cup of Clippers tea. I’m slowly getting used to drinking tea and having different flavours is making it so much easier. My favourite snack was definitely the banana flapjacks, sweet and yummy and enough to keep me going!

On my final day of snacking using the Graze box, I decided to sit down with an apple, a few little bits of coconut for added sweetness and a mixture of all the other pots with some water. It was a good, small snack enough to fill me until dinner whilst I did some work. 

Some people might complain that this isn’t proper snacking or not filling, but I felt healthy and satiated from eating these snacks over the course of the few days I did have them. 

I’ve learnt not to be afraid of new snack foods now, and found I quite liked dried fruit and I need to figure out how to make my own banana flapjacks! Although I think I might stick to eating normal apples and carrots. 

I really enjoyed trying these new Graze snacks and can’t wait for my next box to arrive! 

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Whats your favourite healthy snack? 

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S x

*this post was kindly supported by Graze who gifted me this box of snacks, however all views are my own*