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30 December 2015

LIFESTYLE: 5 of my favourite things from 2015

I wouldn't be able to call myself a media (and journalism) student without having an unhealthy obsession with films, tv and gaming. 

So I had a little look back at my favourite things I played and watched of 2015!


I am thoroughly obsessed. And to think I was going to cancel my Netflix subscription! NOPE!
It is so brilliant, I have been binging it throughout the holidays.


I love it so much I even made a previous post about it! The soundtrack is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard and I use it to relax to or fall asleep to.  I'm still reading the book at the moment and I really adore how good a writer she is. 


I had been waiting for this film for awhile. I did some coursework for university on it and I was so interested to see how it turned out. It was so good it made it into one of my top 5 films of this year. Although the mostly mute Tom Hardy was a bit of a letdown as I love his voice.

4.SIMS 4 

Another thing I waited ages for! I was so glad to finally get it. There are a few letdowns in this game but overall I love how it runs. I like the fact I have a slightly different version to my sims 3 to play with and the building options are far better in this new version. I also love the improved social interactions and their moods. The sims themselves are far more lifelike with the ability to multitask!


OH THE BBC OUTDID THEMSELVES! I even ordered the free poster from the Open University. I live for these types of nature documentaries. It's the field of journalism and media I would most love to go into! The scenes were so stunning and I loved the end of each episode where it showed how they made it. I'm really tempted to buy the book for all the stunning photographs.


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