Why becoming a content creator is a good idea

Meeting the lovely Thuyle at a Boots x Fenty event!

Hey there. I thought I would share with you why I think you should become a content creator.

I know that when we look at the online world, it can seem that everyone is an influencer, blogger or content creator. Which can really make you feel like ‘is there any room for me?’ The short answer is YES!

If you’re second guessing becoming a content creator then here’s my personal story and some things you should ask yourself next time you doubt yourself:

My personal story with social media, blogging and Youtube

When I started reading blogs back in college, there were not that many bloggers and it definitely wasn’t their job! I found mummy bloggers like Sprinkle of Glitter and Zoella’s blog first. When I read them, I thought “wow I want a space of my own to write about life!”

I started my blog with my .blogspot blog, Iphone 4 and blogged here and there from 2012-2015. Then in 2015, I bought my domain name and theme. From 2015 until now I’ve been documenting my life here. It doesn’t get mad traffic, or have millions of followers, but I love my little corner of the web. It’s solely mine and I can post what I like here.

As my blog aged, new social medias appeared and so did thousands of other content creators. I studied an MSc in Digital Marketing to learn more so that I could grow this into my job.

I eventually joined Youtube. That’s when I came across the people I call the ‘ordinary people’ of Youtube. Those that share cleaning routines, food shops, days in the life of an ordinary person and family life vloggers. Suddenly, youtube didn’t feel as big and scary as I thought it did. By watching the content I enjoyed, I realised this is the content I wanted to make.

Blogger events have been great for meeting like minded people

What I have because I became a content creator

  1. Working relationships with local restaurants and businesses. By starting my blog I could offer advertising to local businesses. I’ve had quite a few yummy dinners thanks to my blog!
  2. My degrees! I started my blog at school and through doing it I found my passion, however I then realised I didn’t want to be a lawyer and changed my degree. I then stayed on to study Digital Marketing.
  3. My blog gave me invaluable experience that helped me get jobs!
  4. I’ve worked with some of my favourite brands and i’m manifesting working with more.
  5. I managed to earn a side income at university because of my blog and social media. If only i’d known more about doing this and I could have figured it out faster.
  6. My blogger and online friends! By going to blogger events, I met local bloggers who are interested in similar things to me. I even ended up sharing a flat with Abbie!
  7. Some great products that I received through brand PRs and content collaborations. By following other bloggers I’ve found so many great skincare bits, cameras and tech to try and clothing that I love.
  8. The drive to work for myself! Blogging gave me the passion and drive to want to be self employed and showed me that it can be done.
  9. More self belief and confidence in myself. I’m far more comfortable in front of a camera now.
  10. I’ve tried so many things I never would have if I hadn’t started blogging! I’ve tried new foods and developed new hobbies and interests. I even got to try floatation therapy!

Questions to ask yourself when thinking about becoming a content creator

  • What is it you want to share with the online world? Whatever it is I can promise you there is a community of like minded people who enjoy DIY, shoes, or travel just as much as you do!

  • What makes you unique? Is it your experience in the sector? Your fashion sense? Is it the way you live your life? We are all unique and no two content creators are the same! Blog about what makes you happy and likeminded people will find it!

  • Which platform is best for you? The number one way to have creative burnout is to spread yourself too thin. Many big content creators have teams of people behind them and started off on one or a couple of platforms before growing! Do you enjoy editing videos or photos? Do you prefer to write or to chat? Think about whether it’s a blog you want to create, a youtube channel or stick to social media!

  • Do you enjoy learning? Social media, Youtube and the world of blogging is constantly evolving. Especially when it comes to rules! If you want to earn money from your social media, you will need to keep up to date with the rules of being self employed, the updates in apps and trending topics in your niche! Learning SEO was a game changer for me and I enjoy reading up on marketing and how social media changes.

  • Do you have the time? Even just doing social media, a blog or youtube as a hobby takes up a fair amount of time. Make sure to figure out time blocking or using schedulers to help you stay on top of your content and goals. Find like minded people who are also content creators and you’ll learn so much from each other. I used to write blog posts in breaks between class or in the evenings and when I moved in with Rob, due to his job I would have Saturdays to myself so that became my ‘content creating’ day! I try and schedule social media posts so that I can be doing something else whilst they’re going live.

  • What’s your motivation? Do you want to share your ideas with the world? Make your own money? Create your own community? Start your own online shop? Gain a million followers? Manifest your goals by making a plan and vision board, keeping track of your numbers and by staying consistent. It will pay off!

  • What’s stopping you? I would not have some of the friends I have, worked with the brands I have, have my masters certificate or possibly even have met Rob if I hadn’t started blogging. Starting my blog all those years ago set off a chain of events that’s still in motion. Above all, I gained so much confidence by starting vlogging and going to blogger events.

Get out there and get be the best content creator you can be!

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