20 helpful writing prompts to get you started with gratitude journaling

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What is gratitude journaling?

Gratitude journaling is the act of keeping a journal that focuses on writing about things that make you grateful, thankful or positive. Positive psychology research has found that by focusing on the positives in life, however small, on a frequent basis can increase happiness and reduce depressive symptoms.

Gratitude journaling isn’t just about what makes you grateful in life. It’s about creating a more positive outlook about your life in general. For me, it has been an unexpected source of happiness. I’ve been able to spend a few minutes a day reflecting on my day, life and feelings. I now feel far more in tune with my mind because of it and of course I feel far more grateful. I have noticed a far rosier attitude to life in general, but especially about the whole lockdown situation. I can now pinpoint far more positivity in my life, even on the most mundane days.

I took it up during the first lockdown as part of my bullet journal and I love it. After finding ideas on Pinterest, I made sure to mix up my prompts and things I wanted to journal to make sure I didn’t get bored. I made a list of prompts about different areas of my life and would circle between them until I felt I needed to look for new ones.

The brilliant thing about writing a gratitude journal, is that it is entirely personal to you and your life. If you only want to write 3 words a day, do that. If you feel a full diary page entry is the right thing for you that day, do that! Want to draw what’s made you feel grateful? DO THAT!

For me, I have a gratitude page as part of each month in my bullet journal. I sometimes only have a half page and some months it’s a double page spread or more! It really depends on how I’m feeling!

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” – Amy Collette

Gratitude journaling: writing prompts

  1. What was the first thing that made you smile this morning?
  2. What was the kind act of the day that someone else did for you that made you feel appreciated?
  3. What small act did you do for a loved one today that made you feel good?
  4. What small act did you do for a stranger today that made you feel good?
  5. What did you see today that made you smile, that made you realise there is still a sense of community in the world?
  6. Write about the small things your pet does that make you happy
  7. Write 3 small moments that happened today that made you happy to be yourself
  8. Write your 3 favourite qualities about yourself.
  9. Write your least 3 favourite qualities about yourself, why you don’t like them and how you want to work on them for yourself.
  10. Write about your favourite life experience you’ve had so far, and why it was amazing.
  11. What life experiences do you hope to have in the future?
  12. What has been the greatest part about starting gratitude journaling?
  13. Write 3 good things that have happened to you this month
  14. Write 3 good things that have happened to you this year
  15. Write 3 small daily acts that bring you small doses of happiness (eg. drinking from your favourite mug, taking the dog for a walk)
  16. What are your favourite items in your wardrobe and why are they your favourites?
  17. Who in your life makes you feel loved and why?
  18. Where is your favourite place to go? Why? How do you feel when you’re there?
  19. What’s your favourite hobby? What is it about it that you enjoy?
  20. What’s your favourite way to relax and why?

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Anonymous.

If you do try it or have any of your own tips, I’d love to hear more!

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