Banana Skincare essentials from The Body Shop

It’s time to Go Bananas for The Body Shop new range of body care products.

They’re special edition and I had to get them up on the blog asap, as the range smells delicious, just like foam bananas!

So, on Friday, Melissa and I were invited along to a blogger event at my local The Body Shop store to try out the new seasonal banana skincare range. I got a wonderful little hand and arm massage using the new body yoghurt, got to make my own personalised body butter sticker and got the most amazing makeover.

The new skincare range consists of a body butter, shower cream and body yoghurts. I got the shower cream and the body yoghurt only as I realised I have more body butters than I know what to do with right now!

These products are 100% VEGAN, and cruelty-free. The bananas used to make the banana puree are community trade and organic! My favourite thing is that the banana puree is made from bananas that don’t make it to the food industry because of their size or shape. This helps support small-scale farmers from El Guabo in Ecuador and I love that. They get a fair price for their produce in a difficult industry and we get sweet banana goodness!



The Body Shop Banana Shower Cream

The fruitiest fragrance! I absolutely love it. The bathroom smells so sweet once I’ve used it and the fragrance is really long lasting. Rob loves the smell of it because it smells like foamy banana sweets, so I have a feeling he’s going to be using it a lot.

I’ve been using it for a few days and it is a perfect summer scent. It lathers really easily so you don’t need to use much so the 250ml bottle will last a fair while.

I wash with the shower cream and then apply the body yoghurt, and I can smell myself still hours later.


The Body Shop Banana Body Yoghurt

The Body Shop’s body butters are my go-to moisturisers. They have been incredible for my eczema and the scents are always long-lasting. So, when they brought out another moisturising product I was intrigued. They sold out so quickly, so finding they had a banana one in-store was something I had to try.

The body yoghurt literally smells and looks like banana yoghurt. The same consistency and such a sweet fragrance! When you apply it, it rubs in so quickly. A really light texture, and it absorbs in a few minutes.


Now I adore the body butters but they do take so long to sink in, but i’m keeping mine for fighting my eczema and the body yoghurt everywhere else!

I really recommend either popping into the store and getting a smell of it before you try or grab them online!

You can pick up the range here. 


Shay x