Home: Perfect Spring Duvets & Bed Linen

Living away from home gives you so much freedom. I love it and I can’t believe I’ve been living away from home 12 years already! 

Given that storm Doris (what a name for a storm might I add) has blown her way across the UK, I was pretty happy to get home and snuggle up in my bed and binge watch some TV.

I love my room here at True, a cosy studio flat with its bright white walls and splashes of colour. So when it came to deciding how to decorate my room I decided to go with seasonal options.

Through autumn and winter I had a stag and wolf bedding set, lovely warm autumnal browns and crisp white and grey wolf bedding.

Looking ahead now to the next student loan as well as spring and summer, I want to have cute floral bedding. Soft pastel hues and anything that is going to bring some feminine softness to my room.

Now I know, florals? For Spring? (Anyone else got Miranda Priestley in their head)


But I can’t help it. I love this time of year when everything just starts getting better! More sunshine, colour and cute prints! 

With my flat being a studio, my bed is my bed and my sofa and is the main part of my room- so it needs to be treated with such respect and decorated accordingly with something suitably Spring-like. So I thought I’d share a little bedding wishlist of mine, ready for the next student loan!


Canterbury Blue Duvet Set

I cannot tell you how long I have lusted after this bedding set and I think this student loan is the time to get it! I love the fact that it’s reversible and has cute polka dots on one side and a gorgeous floral print on the other!

Canterbury Check Flanelette Bedding

I thought I had fallen in love with the first Canterbury set but oh no this is so beautiful. A bedding set that seems very ‘in’ right now with soft pinks and greys and an adorable check print too! 

What I love the most about these Canterbury sets is that they have matching curtains too to bring the whole room together. 

Duck Egg Blue Satin Set

How unbelievably gorgeous is this set? A gorgeous duck egg blue set made from satin- the bedding of my dreams! I really can’t wait to buy some new bedding soon- especially as I’ll be moving into my new place later on this year and have a real chance at redecorating!

If you want to see what other gorgeous bedding & king size duvet covers there is on offer, go on over to Yorkshire Linen’s site.

What makes a pretty bed linen set for you? Any other bedding recommendations? 

*This post is in collaboration with Yorkshire Linen but all views expressed are my own*

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