I’m a huge fan of all natural products. This face mask is one for everyone to try and if it was a good enough face mask recipe for Cleopatra, I was going to give it a try! …

I decided to have a girly pamper evening last night when I got in, and went straight for this clay mask. I wanted something deeply purifying and nourishing for my skin as I’ve been feeling unwell, run-down and generally not like myself for the past few weeks. These masks smell lovely which adds to their effect, making it easy to relax.

I tried the Facetox masks and reviewed them on my Youtube channel ( a cheeky subscribe wouldn’t go amiss!) so if you’re interested and want to see them in action, then have a look below.

I love the feel of this mask. When you pour it out of the packets, there’s no nasty smell or anything that would put you off. It mixes easily and quickly, and there is a lot per packet. Making each mask perfect for if you’re having a girly night with your best friend!

Once applied it does set fast and you can feel it pulling for the full 30 minutes that you have it on. It’s definitely a mask that forces you to relax!

I quite like to sit and do some quiet work when I sit with mine on or lie back in bed with some headphones on and just chill.

please excuse the face. I honestly tried to smile ha! 

When it comes to washing off, it comes off easily and without too much mess. I wipe mine off with a flannel and then rinse the flannel at the end, it doesn’t mark it and all washes out. The leftovers in the pot will dry and the flakes wash off. Making cleaning the pot for next time something that takes a matter of seconds.

Have a look at the video review I did…

I like to share products I love and think you will too, and I really can’t recommend these natural facemasks enough! Head over to Facetox  to get some for yourself.

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