A Quayside Sunrise

This morning I awoke at 3am unable to sleep. I felt really ill and twitchy and I only wanted to sleep so that I could be up and ready to go to the gym. 

I checked the weather and saw that sunrise was happening at 4.30am. I saw awhile back on facebook, a lad at my uni was doing photo missions of the sunrise and I had wanted to go along but couldn’t. So, without much planning, I grabbed my camera, gopro and bike and set off down to the Quayside for the sunrise.

I’ve had my bike for awhile now but have been so scared of going out and trying to explore because of my clip in pedals. But I decided it was time for me to get out there and get practising! 

After a short ride down to the Quayside I was already a good way towards my daily calorie burn. 

Watching the sunrise was beautiful. Seeing the sun hit the different sorts of buildings and the water was such a peaceful thing to watch. I saw about 3 people the whole time I was down there and only a few seagulls. It was so strange seeing the Quayside so peaceful. 

But the peace of it gave me confidence to practice my clipping in and out of my pedals, I had a good mile long stretch of flat ground to practice it as well as my speed and getting used to the bike. I love how much faster this bike is than my other one and it felt so good to have an exhilarating cycle along the Quayside. 

I did a few laps of the Quayside before heading down past the cycle hub and down a little way down Hadrian’s way before turning around and heading home. Looking at Google maps, I think I cycled aroud 6-8miles or so, but had to get off to get home as I live up a hill so steep I can barely walk up it! So I had to push my bike up the hill there, but that was another good little workout!

I had such a good calorie burn, all by 6am so that was amazing, and tired me out enough to fall back to sleep after my shower until about 10 am before I carried on with my day. It was a brilliant experience and really makes me want to go out cycling for fun, not just for training. Just to go out and see things and explore with my camera a little more.

I am really annoyed with my GoPro though as the last two files are ‘unable to read’ for some reason, so I lost the footage of my long cycle lap and my little first climb and my celebratory speech at the top! But I do have 9 minutes of footage of my handlebars and my knees at least ha! I don’t think I’ll be wearing my chest harness again and will be switching to a helmet mount.

 Just as I was uploading these photos, I thought I would play with them a little. It’s been awhile since I edited photos properly but I am very pleased with the way these (somewhat rubbish when I took them) photos have come out.

How do you like the edited photos? Have you ever done an unusual workout? 

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S x