Northumbria Equestrian C Team Competition

On the 1st February, The C team had their first competition at Stepney Bank Stables and I went down to get some shots and to try and make a short film of the event, both for the society and for NSU Media…

The C Team are the newly developed team, formed of riders who are either new to competition or getting themselves back into it.

The team competed against Chester and Liverpool John Moore Universities in both dressage and showjumping.

Clara on Lara

Ellie on Mary

My mission for the day was to grab some photos but also to make a short film of the event. As it was their first ever competition as a team, it made sense to commemorate the event!

As media rep for the equestrian society and head of sport for NSUTV, I was really excited to get to work on this short film that encompassed the sport and animals that I love and get it out there for others to watch!

Katie on Maestro

As a society, we’re trying to focus more on those that enjoy riding and aren’t so serious about competing and I thought a video might be a good way to do that so I’m slowly building up a little library of clips I can use to make another short video to try and get more people to join the society.

Ellie on Mary

For me, it was just fun to try something new with the cameras! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone to be a second camera for me, so I only had my own canon 700d and my gopro but I made it work. I took a fair few photos during the dressage and focused on filming the showjumping. I even ventured out into the arena between riders to reposition my go-pro in the hope of getting some varied footage. If you don’t try you’ll never know!

Katie on Spot

I also had a quick little scarper into the arena to hold one of the horses in between riders and I have to admit it was a bit nerve wracking as it’s the closest i’ve been to riding in quite awhile- but I am so focused on losing this weight so I too can get back in the saddle. I may not be able to ride yet as part of the society but I do enjoy taking the photos and making the films and managing our Instagram account (come and take a peek!) 

So how did our team get on?

Our society captain, Katie won overall in the individuals and the whole team came second overall!

Katie on Spot

We also had a successful day away for the B team at Durham with individual places for all of them as well.

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All in all, a very exciting day for Team Northumbria Equestrian and I hope that this week we do just as well in the Stan Calvert Memorial Cup against Newcastle University.

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Check out the vlog below:

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