Fitness Friday: My Cycling Goals

These past few weeks, I’ve been really focused on cycling for some reason. I’ve been wanting to get out on my bike more and paying more attention to what goals I want to achieve in it.

BUT, I didn’t realise that the crash I had a few months ago was actually pretty bad and my front wheel had buckled. So, I’ve been cycling about on a slightly broken bike. Whoops.

My bike is off to the doctors to get the wheel fixed soon so in the meantime I will have to walk everywhere (thank goodness I live in the city centre now) and carry on my cycling for my weight-loss at the gym!

I thought I’d just talk about a few things that I want to achieve in cycling in the next year or so. 

1. Own a road bike

cycling road bike
Avanti Giro 2

Now this is not to say that I don’t love my Brooke for what she is. 

She has served me well on the commute to uni and around Newcastle but she is a hybrid bike. 

I really want to get into road cycling and being able to do long distance cycling and although she has thicker tyres and a more comfortable saddle it’s just not designed for long cycles. I wouldn’t give her up though as having a hybrid bike is incredibly useful and more comfortable for short rides in the Dene. 

cycling victoria pendleton

I’ve done a lot of reading up on it and consulting with people who I know know more about bikes than I do and even though i’d have to get used to a new style of cycling, a road bike for proper long cycles and training sessions is the way to go. I’m currently lusting after the Avanti Giro 2 Women’s.

2. Be able to cycle to the coast.

beach cycling ride

I really love living so close to the sea and being able to go and wander down on the beach and have a bit of fun. The boyfriend does training cycles out to the coast and back, somewhere between 18 and 32 miles depending on the route he takes. Now, I am nowhere near as fit or ready for that as he is! But I would love one day to be able to just hop onthe bikes together and go this kind of distance ride together without my asthma or lack of fitness getting in the way. Our version of a romantic date!

3. I want the huge calorie burns back in my life! 


Last summer I got really into cycling, especially at the gym and managed to get this level of calorie burn in one cycle. That’s pretty good! Now that exams are almost upon me I’m always stressed and know that I need to be in the gym doing something about it as well as my fitness. So cycling is the best way to do it! 

4. Join the University Cycling Club

I had some sort of strange spurt of courage the other week and decided to message my university’s cycling club so I could find out what they get up to on their rides and what the club offers. Once I found out what the rides are like I was determined to set this as my goal for September- to be fit enough to turn up to these club rides/ events and feel comfortable! 

N.B. This is Andrew’s Jersey (he’s at Newcastle, I’m at Northumbria)

5. To complete a training plan!

When it comes to training and fitness, I like having a plan. I kind of can’t cope without something to stick to. With cycling, I really want to be able to cycle with the uni club by September, so I started looking up training plans. British Cycling offer some great ones, with lots of help and advice for new riders or anyone who wants to train! 

I am about to start the beginner training plan next week- but in the meantime I’m going to try to daily cycle/gym just to get me ready! 

Do you have any fitness goals? What are you training for?

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S x