Fitness Journey Update! Month 1!

Hello Everyone!

I set up my New Years Resolution to look after myself a bit better. I wanted to focus more on my fitness and health this year.

So  these were my goals for the last month or so, set by my Myfitnesspal account. I really adore this app! I’m currently on a 30 day logging streak which is pretty good for me. I keep track of my exercise using PolarFlow and my Polar A300 and at the end of the day I log the exercise I’ve done over on myfitnesspal.

So far, a month in and i’ve got a 30 day streak and I feel far more organised. So much so that it’s starting to spill over into uni work and the rest of my life! I have printed out timetables and bought new planners.

I’m quite proud of my almost 8lbs loss although I really wanted 10, but I barely exercised and the 10lb was a goal for better diet and exercise.

I even created an instagram solely for the purpose of documenting my fitness journey and everything inspiring I find! I tried using Tumblr too but I think Instagram is definitely the way to go! I love having the ability to post a picture and easily come back to it, so I can see my progress clearly and my journey.

I didn’t take a photo at the beginning of my journey and this one is from -8lbs. It will pretty much be the start of my journey photo.

These are my goals for the next month and i’ll be back at the end of March to update you all!

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S x