OOTD: Uni casual


Hoodie: Jack Wills
Shirt: George at Asda
Scarf: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Boots: Primark
Backpack: Roxy

Hey everyone!

I thought i’d ease into blogging with a quick post of my casual everyday sort of outfit I wear when I go to Uni. I like to be comfy, especially if I’m in for most of the day. Today was a busy one! We have our media practice assessment to hand in on friday- a 3 minute long film documenting a subject.

We chose to film the captain of the Netball team, and hope to document her daily life here at uni whilst she plays, coaches and volunteers for netball. I’m sat here trying to edit it altogether- and it really is hell on earth! Some files are in one format, others are in another, and my mac won’t read them so I’m converting them all! I really hope this comes to fruition soon- i can already feel the bags under my eyes!

Shannon x